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for A Secret for How Long

8/5/2010 c11 Cloe-Thorn
Please update this is a fantastic story. I simply cannot wait for the next chapter.
8/1/2010 c11 mmz
you really should update this soon cause it good
6/29/2010 c11 C-MaC
really good you need to finish it if it needs to, maby as an idea jeff ends up comming back to tracy iland, seeing that no one was there and switching to ir mode, wehre gordon and virg expalne to him whats happened lol, but its just an idea
6/5/2010 c11 IMME
3/26/2010 c11 brokenangelwings16
plz keep wrting
3/11/2010 c11 4Moonhera
o, I just found this ... please update it soon! Its really good! Really thrilling
2/23/2010 c11 Keely-anne
Oh My Goodness, Cliffhanger for a year and three days! I have a strange feeling that even a Thunderbird couldn't hold on for that long, especially Alan with that broken wrist. Ah well, I hope you finish someday. :] I really like the story and I want to know what happens next! :O
10/16/2009 c11 Pixie P
Hey just wanted to say I loved your story, and if you plan to write more on I would loved to read it. You did an amazing job so far, can't wait to read more :)
9/23/2009 c11 swatchy
hey, i am wondering hows it going with the next chapter, you said you were having issues forming the chapter as you wished, hoping that it will soon be solved since its been 6+ months now. ^_^ loving the story, and cant wait for the next chapter. just was curious what exactly was happening rite now.
9/17/2009 c11 lex
UPDATE!please update
9/13/2009 c11 allison
please update soon. the people who are saying this story isnt good should not even be reading it. update for everyone who does like the the story please.
8/24/2009 c11 11SupernaturalCanary19
Dont get me wrong, I like this story, I do.

However, there have been a few glaring issues that draw away from the story's full potential. Myabe you could get someone else to glance over it too? I'm not saying that your beta isnt good, I'm just saying having two people to look over it benefits a lot more. Trust me, I get that :P

I love the storyline, I mean, who wouldn't? The characterisations are good too. Keep it up, and update soon.

Take Care,

8/14/2009 c11 35Fenix Uzumaki
How do I put this nicely...hm...Oh! I got it! YOU NEED TO UPDATE!
7/31/2009 c11 heyitsajay
Omg this story is amazing but the suspense is killing me! Please update soon ...
6/26/2009 c1 fyzza
the auther of this story should learn where and when to use commas and full stops! I suggest you revise the story, and put in the necessary punctuation.
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