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7/7 c3 11Sweetie7smiled
Fantastic! So very sweet and romantically in-character! I really like your style in doing these. :)
Thanks for writing!
7/9/2018 c9 Sarah
So its been 10 years since you've updated this, so you probably won't even see this, but I absolutely loved this story! I love this Edward and he's so much more fun than the real Edward lol
6/3/2013 c8 Kikachoo
So, does this mean you really are done with Edward Moments? You are a really good writer, and you capture Edward's personality beautifully, but you haven't updated in five years, which is a lot! I would really like to know what happens between Bella and Edward in class, and how Edward saves Bella from Alice! They are really great ideas, and it would be awesome if you posted them :)
1/14/2013 c9 Kikachoo
So im guessing that despite the authors note, your not continuing it? Shame, cause this story is one of the few that actually has the true essence of Twilight and is amusing. I really liked the idea of Edward saving Bella from Alice, and maybe you could've done a non-cliched, actually good version of Bella getting a mild cold and how Edward would of reacted. I really would have liked to see how Bella and Edward interact during class, maybe passing notes? Anywho, I really hope you decide to continue this collection of stories, I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work!
5/22/2011 c1 1patiicm
You write Edward's POV perfectly. I loved the title "Just Another Morning". I would like to wake up like that every day!
2/22/2010 c9 14WithoutLove.LifeIsLike
cute :)
11/20/2009 c8 1Trusttheplastic
i am loving this story! i hope there is more in the near distant future :]
8/13/2009 c8 Lacy-Jane
Great story!
7/14/2009 c1 Gone Gone Very Gone
That turtleneck thing was awesome/funny. this story is brilliant!
4/29/2009 c9 5Confused55
are you still going to post on this story? i really like and im sue others would also be very happy if you keep going.
3/29/2009 c9 DisneyVampire
When will you update again? It has been so... long! I am anxious to see the ending of this story. It is very good and I want an update! please! :)
3/23/2009 c9 17EmbracingGrace1
i loved this story and i cant wait until the next chapter. i havnt laughed so hard in the longest time. it was quite amusing. i loved it. thanks for making my day. lol. like i said cant wait.
3/10/2009 c9 sinfully-delicious94
there so cute
2/26/2009 c9 3AmaterasuSpiritWolf
Awsome story =) I love how you put Edward and Bella in situations with Edwards POV
2/21/2009 c1 15xStayWithMe
Great chapter! And the ending? VERY cute.
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