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10/30/2010 c1 611Ghostwriter
I like it. Great tag. Catch ya on the flip side.
1/10/2010 c1 4readingtothemoon
He has really fast reflexs. woo, great story. great.
2/27/2009 c1 5ChocoboFeather
This was a really touching piece. I agree that the song fits perfectly (and it's also one of my favourites;)guess we have quite similar tastes in both music and TV, lol).

On a sidenote: I wish they'd get a real break-through already! You know what I mean:P
10/29/2008 c1 27Iglika
Oh, I love this story too! So emotional and romantic! I really love your writing!
8/6/2008 c1 2Vebbie
Aww so cute!

Well done :D

Love it.

5/25/2008 c1 4AnimeMaster13333
love it but you missed sone words in the song. Just thought I would let you know.
5/16/2008 c1 35TheLifeILive
I know, I can't believe how amazing Season 3 has been!

Great story, I love that song too, and I think it definitely would express how she felt.

Great job!

5/16/2008 c1 4BxBforever
5/16/2008 c1 Felicia L
haha. i noticed the angel thing too, it made me chuckle (but i think he is hotter in this than as angel :D). loved it!
5/16/2008 c1 allymcnally
I thinks it's OOC for Brennan, even after the shooting.
5/16/2008 c1 10Sarah9488
Very cheesy. But I liked it.
5/16/2008 c1 Aching Bones
Hi there,

Oh I loved this. This was just as I would ever wish for it to be between these two...

Well done,

5/16/2008 c1 7BoothlovesBones
I can only say one thing: aw

That was really sweet.
5/16/2008 c1 Kriti
that was sweet!i loved the 'angel' bit!...and yes that song seemed very appropriate!...since i know bones n booth do go on to cont.solving more crimes we know booth doesn't die but i wanna see how it going and im hoping and praying those two finally move forward even if a little in their relationship...thanks for this story!

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