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5/11/2015 c2 m-nevermore
This is a review. I think. Ummm... So..
I really like this story! I have always loved Teen Titans in school stories, and this is no exception. Just make it more exciting, and many people will like it (this may be my opinion). Maybe put a serial killer in there so that they could stick together during the summer? Explode the plane that Raven is supposed to go on? Dunno. But I like it, update soon and plz make it more exciting! (Doesn't matter, sorry no pressure.)
Ps. I hate it when good stories don't get enough attention...
2/3/2013 c2 4oooOutisooo
The only way you'll get more reviews is if you update so more people see your story.
9/7/2012 c2 Starfirexrobin
That was a brill chapter and I can not wait to c star and rob meet it will be awsome !:) :) so please write the next one :) ;)
6/4/2009 c2 10YfyF12
hey don't listen to red aviary. whoever that is needs to delete their fucking accout, for one, why the hell would you read someone elses story if you dont like it? And when you review, you usually comment them, or correct them, not tell them to delete their acount. red avuary, go pack sand u loser!

But anyway, please update on the next chapter, I want to see what happens when they meet! ;D

HURRY! lol
6/3/2009 c2 115mythica magic
Hi, coolness! I cant wait to c more! Hey do u have a beat reader?x
6/3/2009 c1 mythica magic
Yay! U have a story! Im so gonna follow this 1, whos Hanna btw? Great story so far I will read chapter 2 x
1/14/2009 c2 4Miss Nunya
Nice job! The character descriptions were really good too. You should update =]
7/8/2008 c2 NudeLips
Hey,lovin ur story

plz do carry on with the story


1 : love at first sight

2 : write the story till finish before you put down!

3 : if any problem ask me kk bye
5/21/2008 c1 6katara12171
this is story sounds like it will be great, it may have like 3 errors that got me confused, but it is really great.
5/16/2008 c1 4SuPeR HyPeR chick 101
WEll it sounds good so far and don't worry beginnings are always and i do do stress always boring...i can't wait to hear more so update soon please!
5/16/2008 c1 Red Aviary
...Wow. Do you have an ounce of originality within that waste of tissue you call a brain? This shitty sub-genre doesn't need to be furthered.

Everything about this screams that you're a lazy teenage fangirl that can't come up with an idea without it mirroring Degrassi, or some other high school 'drama' that isn't fit to wipe my ass.

Here's a tip: delete your account, get up from your computer, and guzzle some bleach. Trust me, it'll be the most enlightening experience you'll ever have.

- Uberscribe

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