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5/24/2020 c10 3Maudlin Blase
"And she leaned; she leaned for a very long time."
Oh god! I'm legit crying my eyes out. I knew this would happen, and still it broke my heart! My only complaint is that I wish it could've been longer, but again, I understand xD I love this story and hope to keep reading it every 3/4 years as I've done so far lol.
5/24/2020 c9 Maudlin Blase
T_T I remember the ending... Why is everyone promising everything will be fine when it aint..? I wish we could've seen a part of their transition into newlywed life, though I guess I understand the huge time skip..
5/24/2020 c8 Maudlin Blase
Really nice that you included this piece of past drama to explain a little more about their history and to add a bit of drama without it messing up the story x3
5/24/2020 c7 Maudlin Blase
Aww! I definetly loved Rick and Popuri here~ We all need a Popuri friend in our lives to get the guys out of their stupid ways.. Blaaaaa~ Gray's reaction to Mary is needed and understandable, but so dlfndkfng xD At this point I'm actually wondering if anyone else aside from Trent and Ellie knows about the pregnancy..?
5/24/2020 c6 Maudlin Blase
Oh my goodness, that part about the freaky necklaces and Stu just unabashedly grabbing the feather was too funny.. I love the small parts of humor!
The ending was... so unromantic T_T But still fitting somehow? XD
I do wonder how he was initially planning to propose though lol
5/24/2020 c5 Maudlin Blase
I really like how you kept it all so simple, just like their lifestyle is in that small town. Also, how neither one is complete, but somehow they really come together to form such a whole, which is really cute to see.
5/24/2020 c4 Maudlin Blase
I really wonder how pregnancy works xD Is it really that cute with women craving weird stuff? lol
The last part was really cute to picture, with her pulling an angsty Gray back and him being so ugh. Duude I don't remember what happens next, but FINALLY! xD At least now there's no denying the obvious~
5/24/2020 c3 Maudlin Blase
Lol, I really like their relationship at this point, though I do wish they could've had some more obvious interest in each other, now that I remember something about Gray and Mary happening...
Anyway, I thought it was really cute how Gray was really wanting to put everything on the table, and instead of the girl being the more rational one, it was the guy who wanted to own up to things from the beginning.
5/23/2020 c1 Maudlin Blase
Aww~ I'm coming back to this story since I thought about it a couple of days ago and felt like refreshing my mind xD I see that I've already commented on Chap 2, but not the others? O.o. It's so weird coming back to this story and seeing that it was published in 2008... And I've just rn looked at the dates of the comment, and when I created this account and I feel like crying because I think it was this precise story that got me into lolol.
Anyway! It's even better than I remember! Short, but so rich; everything so easy to imagine because the descriptions and events just flow so well. I do wonder, though, what exactly happened the night before ehehe. I have read this fic a couple more times over the years, but I think I remember the only downside is the lack of affection...? By now it would've been various months since Claire arrived, so I do look forward to seeing where they were exactly with the details of their friendship...
4/19/2016 c1 2Annie Thea
very cute beginning, I'm excited already ! poor Gray, he must be so scared by Claire's morning after reaction haha. But leave without a words is not good Gray, although i know you must justifiably freaked out by a screaming blond haha
11/3/2014 c10 liane
so i finished reading it and i must say i liked it! ...although to be honest, gray and claire did not seem to be in love D: maybe just in half of the last chapter. but it was still good, i love your writing style too :D
11/3/2014 c7 liane
awwww the gray and popuri interaction was cute! i used to ship them hard back in the HM64 days, i honestly think they make a much MUCH better pairing than gray x mary (i loathe that pairing, you see). still, i like graire better than grayxpopuri ;D
11/3/2014 c6 liane
THAT WAS SO GOOD! I laughed the entire chapter! XD Gray being 'big bro' was fantastic! now now gray, be nice to the kids cause youre gonna have one very soon!

i also really like how you portray Gray and Claire's love-hate relationship. i cant believe i just found this fanfic now, may i suggest putting this fanfic under the "gray" and "claire" character category? this fic needs to be read by more people! :D
11/3/2014 c5 liane
love it so far! i believe i've read a fancomic with a very similar story to this on deviantArt, is it yours too? :D
7/22/2010 c10 10Trainalf
It was a great story really, but the stillbirth was just a cruel kick in the face. Though the ending was rather cute. It was a good story and I believe you should make another like it, a generic and common plot, but somethign about it gets you hooked.
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