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7/2/2010 c2 3Maudlin Blase
I love how you write.

I think it's a very great story, in fact, i love all of your stories.


Especially the end of this chapter where Gray gets all assertive.

I swear, if i had a penny for every time I've smiled, held my breath, or felt like exploding inside of the excitement, my money jar would be filled over the top. (+ I've only read like 2 of your stories =/)

Thanks for these. =]
2/21/2009 c10 2L0stM4ge
I've read a couple of your stories before this one, but I have to say that this is the best of the group. It's well thought out, and not as seemingly rushed as the others. I tip my hat off to you. Excellent writing.
2/4/2009 c3 1Legendary Search
Won looked up from his little crate desk. “Maybe if you buy something,” he answered somberly.

Excellent comic relief.
12/24/2008 c10 FBW
Wow. That was terrific. I read it all in one sitting, which is very rare for me. The surprise at the end could have been ridiculous and melodramatic but because you handled it well and with a lot of sensitivity, I almost cried. I was so happy when Claire was pregnant again and Gray's response was adorable. I actually want these people to be happy together! The pacing was also good, niether too long nor short. All in all, I'm very glad I read this.
11/24/2008 c10 7Pyro Raptor77
wow I totally didn't see the stillbirth coming. I was like 'WHAT?' but yeah, this story was really good. ;D
10/15/2008 c10 6vgirl720
I cried when the baby was stillborn! DX I swear, my friends and I (read this at sleepover) sobbed. I was so sad. wah! U applied the characters perfectly, tho!
10/14/2008 c2 vgirl720
i'll give a betta review later. it was awesome so far.
10/6/2008 c10 41LittleFlowerLei

I actually read this from beginning to end, and couldn't stop! I was kind of addicted to it! XD Love it! I'm sad to see it end though...
10/4/2008 c10 11AnimeReallyIsMyLife
well ya should have droned on a little or something! i was waiting for a long time for this story and i thought it was on my update list but it wasnt and so while i was scrolling through stories i found this one and it was complete and i was all like "Omfg! no way! its ended already?". i was intreged so i read the like two chapters i hadnt read and i was all like "oh no the baby died! *sob*". wow this is a really long review. anyway im a nice author and i know that no one really does this anymore but how are you doing?
9/27/2008 c10 2RaiKazurashi
Dude, love your story so much..! i dunno why others (if any) don't like 'em. xD

9/27/2008 c10 30Jean Cooper
Wow, that was actually painful to read. Though it would have made for a longer chapter (and a crap load of tears) it would have been so depressing to read if you had elabortated. I think you got your point across without making any one sob to their computer monitor.

It was short sweet and to the point, though I honestly wasn't expecting this type of ending. Personally I would like to see an epilouge(sp) about what happened this time around- but only if its not tragic.

Good luck and I hope to see more stories from you soon.

Jean Cooper
9/27/2008 c10 Azublue
That was short, but sweet! I like your Claire and Gray, but Goddess, Gray was so annoying in the beginning that I feel like strangling him, even though I like him so much in the game. Which goes to show how alive you make your characters. Good job!
9/26/2008 c10 20Poxy Kirkman
aww, wow, it's so cute. It made me sad at the end, but there are things you just cannot help. It's a great story, and i bet anything you're gonna write more!

Topaz-Skye xx
9/26/2008 c10 charliemarx
Uh... okay... the ending was a little sudden, but still...

Great job with the story, though the ending isn't as good as the overall thing.
9/25/2008 c10 19Random Jelly Beans
Oh... No... You... Didn't...


At least she's pregnant again, right? And I HATE to ask, but... Was the baby male or female...? Just GOTTA KNOW here ^^;

*Is sad because it's over*

Write more Graire! :3
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