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9/25/2008 c10 Sarah303
I really, really, liked the surprise (stillbirth =( ) - that was the last thing I was expecting! However, the ending seemed kinda rushed, I woulda liked it to be a little longer. =)
9/22/2008 c9 30Jean Cooper
School is the devil. DX

Cute. It was short sweet and to the point. I'm glad to see that they've grown on each other. Good job, update when you're ready.
9/21/2008 c9 19Random Jelly Beans
Aw! They like each other now! And I can totally see Gray as probably being the best father out of all the Mineral Town guys. ...Crud, I have to finish my history project before my mom comes in. Update soon~
9/21/2008 c9 charliemarx
I feel so guilty; I forgot all about you! Probably because I have exams too.

But never mind, an update is good anytime.

So far so good, can't wait to see how this turns out!
9/21/2008 c9 20Poxy Kirkman
omg! wow! i luv this story, n don't worry, i know how it feels to be overloaded by school, they're making me do my english GCSE's a year early and i get homework like everyday! sorry, enough about me.

i luv this story (as i have said) and your writing style is well kool. could you please pretty please when you have time, update it, cos i really don't wanna pull my hair out through anticipation. Thanx hunni!

9/21/2008 c7 2RaiKazurashi
i freakin love your story! xD
8/21/2008 c8 1SunshineGirlx3
I was wrong. XD But still the person took her away. And aww poor Gray! Poor guy. :( But at least he has Claire now! ^^
8/21/2008 c7 SunshineGirlx3
Wahh no Graryness! Don't be jealous Gray! T.T But yay this is getting better and better! Oh! I bet she's married to Kai! That's why she isn't there anymore!
8/19/2008 c8 30Jean Cooper
allow me to clarify, since some might seem to be confused.

This chapter was basically a past chapter, a flash back if you will. It's showing what happened with Mary, who was friends with Gray, but evidently not dating him. I think it was insightful and it showed how Gray and Claire progressed slightly. Now...I do need something cleared up for myself. I'm gathering that Mary has been gone for two years...a year or so before Claire and Gray started getting 'closer' or whatever. I was excited to see the update, and I hope you update again soon.
8/19/2008 c8 11AnimeReallyIsMyLife
okay. I dont get it. first hes married to the farm girl. then ur saying mary and grey were a couple. Now ur saying jack and mary were a couple. wat the hell is going on?
8/18/2008 c8 19Random Jelly Beans
Oh, so that's what happened. For some reason I do not know, I was under the impression Mary married Won. O.o

But, anyways, it was nice. I can't wait for more plot stuffs, though! I'm with you all the way, NO MATTER WHAT. ^.^
8/13/2008 c7 11AnimeReallyIsMyLife
hurry and finish already!
8/11/2008 c7 Hon Hon Laughs
*Laughs* I really love how you did Rick and how he suggested the santa thing. And Popuri's was great too.
8/11/2008 c7 30Jean Cooper
Well it seems like a storm is brewing, though I do wonder who all is going to get caught up in it. I was wondering what happened to Mary, and now it seems to have come out. Gray seems to have some unresolved issues...so I hope he works them out. And he needs to quit being a baby and help Claire, even if she does get mad at him. At least he can say he tried xD Maybe he'll feel a little guilty when he sees how tired Claire is v.v

good luck with the next chapter ^^
8/9/2008 c7 5Glass Labyrinth
i love this chapter!
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