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8/9/2008 c7 20harvestmoonrox
Have I told you how much I LOVE this fic? In the end, I love how "His gaze narrowed to the ring on her left hand"! That shows he liked her! Where was Mary? In Forget-Me-Not Valley with Jack? Or in the city with Kai? PLEASE let im be JackXMary and not KaiXMary (Kairy!) I HATE Kairy! Popuri and Kai! and I HATE MaryXGray! (pout)Write me back, I'd really like to know!
8/9/2008 c7 14Adamante
Ooh! Please update! I love updates! I want to know what she was holding.
8/9/2008 c7 19Random Jelly Beans
I loved Popuri~


Poor Claire! And... Me thinks Gray likes Mary, but- You know what, I'll keep my predictions to myself. :D
8/3/2008 c6 1SunshineGirlx3
I LOVED this! May and Stu were so cute! Gray's starting to like kids now! ^^ Poor Claire and Gray, the Gosspi Queens will be cruel! *nods* haha but update soon! ^^
8/1/2008 c6 1ManitaMuerte
Lol! He should be a bit more careful around children and swearing...

Claire was a bit crestfallen, wasn't she?

8/1/2008 c6 4Carynne Zero
Me: Aww, even if you didn't like the chappie, I loved it ^.^

Skye: Too rushed.

Me: Mind your own business, Skye!

Skye: Jeez, you asked me to help you review these things...

Me: Yeah, but I kicked you out weeks ago! Anyway, I really liked this chapter...

Skye: Meh~

Me: ...with the arguing about the blue feather and the proposal. Their relationship is just so cute! And any relationship between Gray and Claire isn't complete without arguments.

Skye: Now what does that remind you of?

Me: Pay no attention to the grass-haired idiot beside me. He's unimportant. But yeah, I have to admit, the chapter does seem a bit rushed. But then again, the chapters aren't really all that long...

Skye: Frankly, reviews are boring when you're serious.

Me: That's your problem!

8/1/2008 c6 charliemarx
It was very like Gray to shove the feather at Claire.

Anyways, it wasn't that rushed, but I do wonder how this story is going to conclude.
7/31/2008 c6 30Jean Cooper
well...it wasn't romantic, but she kind of ruined it by snatching it out of his pocket anyways. It was definitely...ironic that the three busybodies should see them. Sorry this review isn't as detailed or like..suggestive or anything...its nearing 2 in the morning here and I'm half asleep. Good job. update again when you can. ^ ^
7/31/2008 c6 14Adamante
I liked this chapter! Too bad those three showed up. I can see that this is going to be a big problem.
7/31/2008 c5 Adamante
Great chapter! I'm glad their relationship is growing!
7/31/2008 c6 HajisChevalier
It's no problem, I really liked this chapter. The last part where Manna, Sasha, and Anna(I just noticed they all end with the letter "a")came in made me go "Oh god, no..."

Anyways, keep it up! I'm awaiting for the next chapter.
7/26/2008 c5 19Random Jelly Beans
I really like this story. Like, alot. ALOT.

And, please, you call THAT language? JK, JK. I was expecting more than just two curses, though. You got my wittle thirteen-year-old mind all worried for a second. XD

More, please! Gotta see what happens! Gray is an awesome jerk!
7/26/2008 c5 1SunshineGirlx3
Oh my golly is is awesome! (Oh my golly! XD) There is really a relationship building now! Claire will be funny pregnat! (I should know, she's pregnant in one of my fics too ^^) I can't wait to see what happens! Update soon!
7/25/2008 c5 18famksantiago
Heh, this is pretty good. I like it. :D
7/25/2008 c5 30Jean Cooper
and the plot thickens some more. I think that it was a very realistic reaction for the situation, and I was pleased with how you did it.

I would like you to elaborate on their relationship some more, like their previous relationship. For obvious reasons they've been somewhat bickering, and I beleive I've read somewhere int his story twice that they were best friends, so to speak. I'd like to see some of that, whether in one of their thoughts or a flash back or something. Just a suggestion, but I understand that you have a master plan that may not involve that.

I also want to say that...I think that your writing is very age appropriate...v.v...I mean like: Your writing seems appropriate for the age of the characters you are writing, something that...doesn't happen a lot in this fandom. This is meant as a compliment, though I'm doped up on medicine at the moment and don't know if thats what it sounds like to you :D

Kudos to you

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