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10/17/2016 c20 honeycomb
11/2/2015 c2 Rachel
Wow, u r a fantastic writter, honestly I enjoyed every part of the story, nice work.
9/19/2013 c15 It's me
I really thought I missed a chapter when you said its the 2nd time they kissed I was like what way the go lira you just missed a chapter but you're story is just very awesome
7/14/2013 c20 1aquathyst
why you discontinues this?! please continue! xD it's been 3 years or something since you update huh? i like this story so far.. :)
2/22/2010 c20 1tiredandhungry
7/14/2009 c20 3Cuter Than You
hey! you promised, no more long waits! I really love this story, it is so funny! Also, I can't wait until they say how they really feel! I think that Gray really did see Claire naked, he just doesn't want her to know and feel bad about it. Hehe. If you update, I will give you a virtual cookie! Oh, and you almost have 300 reviews! Woohoo for you! Okay, I just wanted to say that I love your Gray. He is very sweet, and stupid too! Hehe, I know, I'm saying I love a virtual character, but I wish I had someone like him.

Update please! I just spent my whole day reading this, and I want more!
6/19/2009 c20 4iceboltmage
LOL! love your story so far. please update asap
4/7/2009 c20 5Claire Lynn

I have been reading (and rereading) the whole time. I WANT MORE! Not to be all demanding and pushy though. Whenever life lets you have a break, you should work on the next chapter; your loyal fans await your chapters! Keep up the good work!
3/2/2009 c20 21Icefire149
i so love this story!1 i read it all in one shot, i loved it that much. are you going to update it? or is it the end? i don't want it to be over. please update soon!
2/9/2009 c20 Dawnheart468
The story was awesome! One of My favorites! When are you going to add a new chapter or is it the END? :( :( :( :(
2/6/2009 c20 4Saikono-san
I laughed so hard at what happened in the Hot Springs... Does Claire like Gray? Will they end up together? Wha will happen to cliff?
1/25/2009 c8 8JakunenNeesan
If the link to the fanart appears broken, I'm sorry. you can locate it at and type in the search box "a Fan art for SunshineGirlx3".
1/25/2009 c7 JakunenNeesan
This is really good! I've read your story over at least twice now, you describe your characters thoughts and feelings really well. a little while ago I made a fnaart of this chapter in your story, I hope you like it. http:/jakunen-neesan./art/A-Fan-Art-for-SunshineGirlx3-110729019
12/13/2008 c20 1chipmunkluvr96
how much do u wanta bet he lied?


i would have reviewed on other chapters, but i'm just to lazy.

12/13/2008 c7 chipmunkluvr96
i thought i saw those impressions somewhere...
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