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for What Happened to Naruto?

9/14/2008 c2 NeckoFury
They all will die slowly and painfully right...right...

9/14/2008 c1 NeckoFury
I'm gonna be blunt...I hope he kills her. That is all

9/14/2008 c6 Krimson-Hero.19
your spelling Hinata's last name wrong.

And if Naruto went down like that kyubi

would just get out and destroy the village
8/31/2008 c5 3Master of the Pen Dance
This story is...deep...You are doing a very good story. ou should prolong the ending as long as possible and have him take like three-five years to recover but like eight to be completely recovered.
8/28/2008 c5 2Sacred Beast117
Yay updated

nice chapter really sad though
8/28/2008 c5 2UzumakiToba
7/2/2008 c4 2Sacred Beast117
wow this was so sad please if you could continue this
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