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6/18/2008 c1 61Crow Skywalker
Very well written. Probably the best Vampire Knight fic I've come across. Keep up the good work.
6/12/2008 c1 10Jaynekochan
Wow ! That was a lemon ! poor Zero who didn't go all the way... Seriously I really like how you wrote this fanfic !
6/11/2008 c1 TheWayWeAre
I havent read a story as good as that in a long time ^-^

you are truly an amazing writer and i hope to see more stories from you in the future

great job! ^-^

6/9/2008 c1 2Schizzar
That was THE best vampire knight story I've ever read. I wholly believe Zero and Yuki should be together! :) I've just never been a fan of Kaname and Yuki together for some reason...Keep up the good work.
6/9/2008 c1 1LolitaGift
Amazing Absolutely Amazing. I love this story. Great work.
6/6/2008 c1 15Ulat Bulu
i love this story, especially how you described the lemon scene. lol
6/4/2008 c1 2ButtonPinCollector
Wow, that was... intense. I'd love to read more ZeKi from you.

And how Zero was saved sounds interesting, too - I think you should go for the prequel.
6/3/2008 c1 5ExtraOrdinary.dreamer
That was a wonderful story. Very well written, and the characters had a depth to them. That, and I admit I do love a good ZeroxYuki story. Nice recaping of events while not making it seem dreary and horrid to read through. Would you add another chapter to this or would you put it up as a seperate story?

P.S. Has Volume 5 even come out yet in US? I haven't seen it. Hm.
6/2/2008 c1 11Kidaowre
OMG I love it! Amazing story you are so good with metaphors.
6/2/2008 c1 Chaotic Angel7
wow...this is the best Zero and Yuki fic I have ever read! The name zero tolerance freaking rocks! I cant wait to read the other stories ^_^
6/2/2008 c1 31Ryuko Ishida
Wow... it's just... WOW! I'm sorry, I'm sorta at a speechless stage at this point after reading your fic.

But seriously, I haven't read anything this good in the VK fandom for awhile, so I'm glad I've stumbled upon it. ^-^
5/31/2008 c1 5fakesmile5
i absolutely adore this story. It was breathtaking please make the sequel and write more stories! I'll be looking forward to it ... Wow.. Keep up the good work!
5/30/2008 c1 18Artsysmiles
kaname's a bitch. zero is the best.

i can't wait for the second story!
5/30/2008 c1 9Sweety Rahai
Oh sweet Lord above...that was hot! Steaming hot! JUST the kind of Zero/Yuuki fic I have been looking for for DAYS! :D And hmm...need a cigarette now XD
5/29/2008 c1 8Calico Jay
Whoohoo! Firstly, the title is ultimate WIN. ^^ Secondly, m... lemons. o.o; It's hilarious how no one ever says that in proper context out loud and means it.

That didn't make sense. ajkdflj;as. Doesn't matter, because I'm just grateful to have found a decent Zero/Yuki fic (with, methinks, a happy ending). And regarding Zero-Zero over Kaname anytime. The silver hair rocks all else. (It sucks to appreciate silver hair and... have it be completely unrealistic or just gross in real life. Dang.)

I enjoy your writing style. Have to say, tho, when Kuran's eyes did the red and crimson creepy thing, I thought that maybe he'd been attempting to bend Zero to his will. Y'know... the wives' tale that greater vampires can control lesser vampires? A something-tale, anyway.

Eitherhow, looking forward to the next installments! ^^ Lots of love,

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