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4/2/2011 c16 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Are you hurt? I thought you were one of the experienced mulberries. I am so stupid. Please forgive me. " lol experienced mulberries? So.. they finally did! lol.. Only Draco and Ginny left. Omg! Cho and Harry broke up! Hopefully they work everything out. I love them as a couple. It would suck if they never got back together again. Stupid Cedric for getting in the middle of things. Can't wait to read more **MTAWM**
4/2/2011 c15 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Really Harry? How can you NOT know what the profecy is talking about. It's talking about your little love triagle going on. Anyway. Loved the chapter! It was amazing. Can't wait to read more.

4/2/2011 c14 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Okay... wow.. Cho still loves Cedric? And Harry and Hermione kissed? This story just keeps getting filled with more and more drama. I like it! Well.. as long as they all end up with their respective others at the end. No Harry/Hermione.. elch.. So... what's with the dementors stopping the train. Loved the parting line though. Awesome.

4/2/2011 c13 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
What? Harry and Hermione kissed? No! That is so wrong! Hermione belongs with Jason and Harry belongs with Cho!

I can't believe them! And what is Draco problem? lol... their conversation was kind of funny lol.. I wonder if he's going to tell Ginny whatever he told Ron and Harry, and how her reaction will be. So... they're all getting messages now? Thats cool.. wonder what their going to be. And what are they afraid of? Hmm... so many questions. Can't wait to read more.

4/2/2011 c12 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
they all got assigned roles in hogwarts... thats cool.. but what was in the secoond part of Jasonc letter? And is ron right about Draco? I don't know.. maybe, it seems like he could be. Guess I'll just have to wait and find out. Can't wait to read more.

4/2/2011 c11 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
I saw you updated a new chapter! Yay! Now I just have to finish these last 17 chapters and I'll be all caught up! So, some questions were answered this chapter. Thats good :) So Jason was hit with spiritusectum.. however you spell it. Already knew that, but now everyone knows it, and why. Poor Harry, trying to figure out the connection. And now he's the only one that hasn't proposed out of the 4... thats gonna put some pressure on him lol. Well, loved the chapter. I'm going to read more now! :)

4/2/2011 c24 12SilverPotion205
As soon as I saw your story was updating in my inbox, i was like "Yes! Finally!" And I immidiatly click to read it. This chapter was Amazing! I loved it... Poor Draco for having to use the unforgivable curse on Ginny. I wonder how she's going to react to that. And how could he give the map to Lucius! How! I know he's really not in aligience with voldemort.. is he? He was just doing that to escape.. but, the marauders map? This is bad. And voldemorts gone to capture dumbledore? Did i read that correctly? So many questions. I can't wait to find out what happens next! It's an amazing story. And you are an awesome author.

~Harmony's Twist
3/27/2011 c10 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Cool songs lol. I listened to them as I was reading. Heard both of them before lol, but how can you not know I'm a believer.. :) And Jason almost had his blow up. It's getting close. That was kinda creepy with the whole "Stay away from him he's mine" ordeal. Well, Awesome chapter, like always. Review more tomorrow night. :)

3/27/2011 c9 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Funny how Harry and Jason were both asking each other why they hadn't popped the question lol. Good song. I liked it. Chapter was good too. I wonder what Cho has planned for Alice and Ginny lol, can't be anything good. :) Can't wait to read more.

3/27/2011 c8 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Awesome how the girls are going to play the instruments too. :) You might not recognize me, cause i changed my pen name, i don't even remember from what, but i've review every one of your chapters, if that helps. Not that you care anyway lol.. So.. now Harry's noticing the dark side of Jasons split soul too? This can't be good. I keep waiting for some blow up, it's bound to happen soon. Lol. Well, loved the chapter, it was awesome. Can't wait to read more.

3/27/2011 c7 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
What? Jason caught the snitch and not Harry? Thats just... different. Interesting I guess, and well, not really that big of a deal, but thats just kinda different. I haven't yet read a story where Harry wasn't the best quiddich player. And now I have. lol. Awesome chapter.

3/27/2011 c6 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Wow. That was a lot of stuff to take in. Jason got his soul split? That is So not good. Why isn't he acting differently? Hmm.. And what is Draco keeping secret? And what about Hermione and Jason leaving their wands down stairs... I feel like its foreshadowing something, but i can't figure out what. Oh, but I have an idea. Could the person that knocks up hermione be Victor? I mean, I KNOW it would be Joseph, because that would be WAY to obvious. And Harry would never do that to his friend. I don't think. He doesn't like Hermione like that does he? I hope not because that would be... well, weird. And he has Cho, so.. yea. I guess it could be Harry though, maybe. But I'm still guessing Victor. Even though he isn't even in the story, yet.. But yay! They guys are going to be in a band together! That sounds pretty cool... Well, could be anyway.

Well, I liked this chapter. It was really good. Keep writing :) Going to read more now lol.

3/27/2011 c5 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Hey. I know I haven't reviewed in a long time. I blame my retared computer (it crashed) anyhoo.. loved the chater. Harry's feelings about his aunt and uncle seems so real. I mean, you woul expect him to hate them, but then again, they did raise him. This story is is so different from what I originally presumed it to be. But I like where it's going. Or, where I think it's going. Anyway. Good chapter.

3/23/2011 c23 4Willdawg1985
Hey gang, just wanted to let you guys know that I have more chapters finished and ready to update, but something seems to be up with the site, as I can't access anything to edit or update, so until that problem gets solved, I'm unable to update.
12/21/2010 c4 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Lol. Loved the twins reations when they found out Molly knew all along that they were building the cottage. XD I actally laughed out loud. lol.. but I wonder what the girls are planning. Hmm... but yay! Ginny/Draco alone time! :D even if they didn't do anything. Which was sad.. aahh well.. but YAY! Cho is teaching at hogwarts! :P But whats with Jason and the creepy two colored eyes? More forshadowing.. Blah, idk how much more of that i can take! lol jk.. forshadowings what makes the story interesting. Now, i believe.. I'm going to go find out what happened with Harry's relatives, so I can go personally thank the person who killed them :)

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