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12/21/2010 c3 1MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Loved the part with the woman/guard and Hermione. Hilarious. But they both forgot their wands. Poor them :( Awesome chapter. Now I'm going to read more of your awesomely awesome story. Sooo.. Bye :P

12/21/2010 c2 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Why do I feel like something bads going to happen? Hmm.. maybe cause of all you FORESHADOWING! I mean, first with Harry seeing Voldemort, and then the dark mark. And then Jason, with the 'aura' thing he's got going on. That only shows when his 'anger starts getting the better of him?' so the song was about him? What was that all about? So many questions. Now i have to go read more. I love how your second story is begining. Can't wait to read more.

12/21/2010 c1 MyTwistedAndWarpedMind
Wait wait wait wait... WHAT? Voldemorts just sitting there watching a concert, with Draco's dead father? Uhm... yea... I'm a little confused here. I'm guessing Harry's having a dream. Right?

That was cute with the Harry Hermione interation in the morning. I like it, there wasn't much of just plain old Harry/Hermione/Ron stuff in the fist installment. Maybe -hopefully- theres a little more in this one. But if not.. who cares lol, cause theres thousands of those kinds of storys, yours is different. Anyhoo... Loved the first chapter and how everyone is starting to get back together as your starting to read it so you don't feel like your missing something right off the bat. Can't wait to read chapter too. Sorry it took me so long to start reading this chapter. Finals and everything. Damn they suck. So.. I'll be reviewing you next chapter I guess, soo.. write to ya then.


p.s. I hope your not getting annoyed by me reviewing so much. If you are just say so. lol
11/30/2010 c23 12SilverPotion205
Amazing. As always. Little worried about whats going to happen when Draco and Ginny are on the spy mission thing, because of all your forshaddowing. Hope Cho and Harry end up being okay. And I'm happy because I know that sometime withing the next 25 days, there will be another chapter up. :) Can't wait. Loved this chapter. Oh! And one other thing. Is that you in the profile picture. Just wondering. Anywhoo... Awesome chapter. Can't wait to read more. Talk to you in the next review. :)

~Harmony's Twist
11/3/2010 c22 SilverPotion205
Loved it! So glad your updating sooner now! Was that the last of the orbs and their messages? I thought so but I'm not sure. Can't wait until the next chapter is posted. Hopefully people review :) So so glad Harry and Cho talked things out. And Hermione and Jason too. I would have thought Draco would have thought that Ginny's weird behaviour had something to do with them having sex for the first time. Good thing he's smarter than that lol. Ron and Alice on their Honeymoon! So exciting. And now Harry knows that Cho doesn't really want to be engaged. Thats a little sad. Ahh well, can't wait for more of the story to read. You are an amazing author!

~Harmony's Twist
11/1/2010 c21 SilverPotion205
Ginny and Draco finally did it! And on a boat, sexy.. I seriously hope Harry & Cho, and Hermione & Jason talk and fix things up, because, in all seriousness.. I don't really like Hermione and Harry as a couple. Well, not a 'Serious' coulple. And Madeye better be wrong about not all of them coming back. They better all come back. So glad you updated again! Can't wait to read the next chapter. You said monday, soo hopefully tomorrow :) This really is an awesome series.

~Harmony's Twist
5/6/2010 c11 SilverPotion205
When's the next time your going to review? I've been waiting so long for an update! :) the reason i posted this on chapter 11 is because i already reviewed all the chapters from 12 up, and it wouldn't let me review twice. Anyway. I love you story so much. I was wondering when you were going to update again. I can't wait to read what happens next!

~Harmony's Twist (I was Harmony is Key before, if your confused at all) lol
3/18/2010 c20 SilverPotion205
that chapter was so good, but i really really hope that Cho doesn't end up w/ Cedric and Harry w/ Hermione, and Jason w/ Pavarti.. lol, i like the original couples, anyway, cant wait! till the next chapter is up, hopefully soon! haha, what are studying for in Collage? well, its spring break soon so maybe you might have a little more time on your hands to write, well, thats what im seriously hoping because, you are a very good writter, and im really hooked on this story :)


~Harmony is Key
3/17/2010 c20 1Another Story
I am so mad at Harry and Hermione right now! They aren't a good couple, Jason and Hermione are! I'm glad that you are doing a third story to it. Can't wait for the next chapters when they vist Durmstrang, Beauxbatons,Dragonfire and Burning Lotus. I'm also glad that Ron suggested that Harry should accompany Cho to Burning Lotus that way Jason and Hermione can spend it with each other!
3/14/2010 c19 12SilverPotion205
that chapter was so good! i cant wait till the next installment! i sure hope Ron doesn't die, or if he does, he gets that reincarnated thing happen to him like Hermione did lol.. loved the chapter
3/14/2010 c19 1Another Story
O! Is this the end of Ron? I hope not, I don't want anyone to die except maybe Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Will Jason have 2 souls forever? Will Jason and Hermione be back together? Hope so.

How long till the end! (I don't want it to end, so maybe a another sequel because this is a fantastic story.)Could you possibly give us another chapter in less than a week or just a week? Anyway Happy Mother's Day in the UK!
3/14/2010 c19 6David Fishwick
Excellent chapter and please write more thanks as I am enjoying the story.
3/14/2010 c19 basketballbenz2012
That was such a good chapter. Please update I want to find out what happens next.
12/28/2009 c18 12SilverPotion205
duh. duh. duh... ooh i wonder whats gonna happen.. darn! i hate you for making a cliffhanger! *pouts* cant wait for another update! and to see how it all plays out! :) haha.. loved the chapter!

~Harmony Is Key

p.s. idk if i told you, but i got my name from your first installment.. 'The Infinity Pendant' (thats what its called right?)
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