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12/17/2009 c17 12SilverPotion205
wow. that was an awesome chapter.. i dont know whos side to be on with harry and Cho, they both have done somthing wrong, but neither of them could really help it. and i really thought Jason was going to start somthing w/ rom for a couple seconds lol. and i cant believe that jason caught the snitch before harry. i just cant get the image out of my head that Harry is the best seeker there is.. and its weird thinking theres osomeone who is the same, or maybe even better at playing seeker position than he is (well, @ his age) i really cant wait for another chapter.. when i saw that you had written a new chapter, i stopped everything i was doing so i could click on it and read.. you story is soo good so far and really dont know how long i cant wait for another.. please please please hurry and update! :D

~Harmony is Key

ps. i got the Harmony part of my name from your story.. just thought you should know.. i think i already told you that once.. but i didnt know so i told you again.. loved the story! :)
12/13/2009 c16 SilverPotion205
that was a good chapter! lol, soo Ron and Alice finally did it! haha, and their going to get married right after! hmm, wonder what their parents will think. o!, they're gonna be in trouuble.
12/6/2009 c15 SilverPotion205
really good chapter, but how much of an idiot can Harry be? he seriously doesn't know what choice the prophecy was talking about? it practically told him in his dream. and please, please. do. not. have Harry pick Hermione. they aren't really good together. don't you think? and i really hope Harry and Cho are together in the end.. they are a really good couple.
11/28/2009 c14 SilverPotion205
wow! that was a good chapter! buut lol, it didnt give any answers just raised more questions, i cant wait for another chapter! the wait was totally worth while though, that was an awesome chapter, cant wait for more. :)

~Harmony Is Key

P.S. (i got the harmony part from your story)
11/28/2009 c14 6David Fishwick
Thanks for writing another awesome chapter and I can't wait for more.
11/3/2009 c13 12SilverPotion205
hurry and update! please.. ive been waiting 4 forever! idk if i can wait anylonger!1
9/8/2009 c13 6David Fishwick
Fantastic and please update soon thanks.
loved it, update soon please.
8/13/2009 c12 12SilverPotion205
really good so far! :)
7/21/2009 c12 skopde

I just read the whole story - all the way from the Pendant and I must say I am impressed. The story looked moderate at best, but by the time I got to second chapter, I was hooked on. Who needs lunch anyway?

Since I am finally getting up from my eight hours reading marathon, there's a lot I'd like to say, but I am beyond forming any words that would explain just how I feel about this story.

To keep this simple - I really enjoy it and only thing I regret is not finding this story earlier. Really, these 8 hours of my life were well spent.

Best wishes, Skopde
5/6/2009 c11 6David Fishwick
Brilliant and please update soon thanks.
3/20/2009 c10 David Fishwick
Please update soon as I am enjoying the story. Thanks for writing.
1/31/2009 c9 rgriffith1214
I am not much for reviews. I have been reading this story since the beginning, and would like you to continue please...
1/25/2009 c9 David Fishwick
Thanks for updating your cool story and which side is Krum on. Please write more.
11/7/2008 c8 growlerlight
Good story nice interplay between the people. Please update soon
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