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12/24/2008 c22 23Leaving-My-Mark
Yay! Zuko's finally healthy again! *cheers*

Uh-oh. Let me guess, it has something to do with Azula, right?

I can't wait to read the next chapter! It sounds like it'll be interesting.

12/24/2008 c21 31kasplosion
Nice cliffhanger! :D

The last couple of chapters have been awesome. I cannot wait to read what's going to be inside the room!
12/21/2008 c21 17zutarakid50

Nice call on the spirit water! Katara needs that. I can't wait to see how every one reacts to Ursa being there (although, only Iroh will reconize her cuz Zuko's sick and stuff...)





(Now all Asamiya needs to do is drop the tea and I think I'll cry)
12/21/2008 c21 23Leaving-My-Mark
Hooray! They made it back!

Please update soon! I wanna read the next chapter so bad!

12/6/2008 c20 17zutarakid50
My favoirte part in this chapter had to be the part with Kana. it's bittersweet because hers this little girl talking about he father dying but at the same time, she sounds much older than 5 and much wiser. Also, the letter from the Water Tribe was a breath of releif! But I notice he said nothing about Ursa... ;)

As soon as Katara woke up that morning I KNEW she was pregnent. Looks like Zuko and Asamiya have Aunt Wu powers!:D

Here's a question that you should have seen coming; why didn't the chief just mail the flower? maybe the letter might get intercepted by Azula? I donno...just asking.

Nice touch with the singing! All in all, one of my favorite chapters. There is so much going on and so much emotion goes with it. You will did a nice job!
12/6/2008 c20 23Leaving-My-Mark
Uh oh, it'll be a very close call. At least the adults now know that the kids made it to the North Pole.

Yeah, definitely not a good time to get pregnant.

I hope you update soon!

By the way, if you get the chance, you should edit this chapter. I found some typos in there.

12/6/2008 c4 1Owl-sama
OMG! Is Zuko poisoned? I hope not.
11/29/2008 c19 17zutarakid50
They made it to the North Pole!

I like how you're adding more to the dream as we meet new characters and learn new things.

I liked Ursa's remenicing and the spooky story :) (I thought of puppet master, not sure why :D) See you at the palace!
11/28/2008 c19 23Leaving-My-Mark
Yay! They finally made it! I hope they make it back in time!

11/26/2008 c18 31kasplosion
Aw, I just realized that Katara might be losing Zuko. *sniff*

Nice chapter. (:
11/5/2008 c18 23Leaving-My-Mark
Aww, man! I can't wait for you to update! Please update as soon as possible!

I love this story! Its so well thought out and everything!

Aww, poor Katara. More importantly, poor Zuko. I hope the kids get back in time to save him!

I knew it! I knew it was Jet! But he died during the Lake Laogai episode...Long Feng hit him full force with a giant rock. Unless he somehow survived?

Update soon!

11/5/2008 c17 Leaving-My-Mark
The chapter title is certainly befitting of the events that happen in this chapter!

They found Ursa! Hooray!

Way to go, Asamiya! She kicks butt!

There was one thing that I found odd: the one man you described Asamiya having fought and knocked out reminded me a lot of Jet with the straw in his mouth and the hooked swords.

Must...read...on! (And totally procrastinate on my NaNoWriMo and my homework)

11/3/2008 c12 Leaving-My-Mark
No, I actually thought the little conscience joke was funny!

I love your story so far. It's so descriptive and vivid and so well thought out and well-written and I love the characters you've created, especially Asamiya. I think you've got the canon characters very well in tune as well.

And now back to reading!

But I just wanted to say that I love it so far, I thought that the joke was funny, and I can't wait to read what happens next!
10/30/2008 c18 10Punks 13
ok i read some and its good great job
10/29/2008 c6 Punks 13
ok i read the 4 chspters ill read more later its good but am not much of a zutara fan but its good
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