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10/29/2008 c19 shadowmuffin
Oh no! I think you posted the wrong thing!

I really love this fic & wanna see what happens next!
10/29/2008 c19 52Angsty Anime Star
Um wasn't this another fic. i think you posted the wrong thing. xD If not, i loved it then and it's still good now.
10/11/2008 c18 17zutarakid50
Was that really a dream Zuko had? :P Hmm...

Toph in doing the opposite of earth bending. She not waiting and listening for Azula; she wants to go to Azula. I'm glad Sokka and Aang are there to hold her back.

I can't wait to check back with the kids!
10/9/2008 c18 1Pepipanda
Thanks for another chapter!

I'm glad that you are keeping us posted on Zuko. Every so often, I go back to "Truths" and check the symptoms of fire lily poisoning, just to check what's left to come and how much time they have. So, Zuko's at the pass out and wake up occasionally and briefly point, right?

I like how they(Toph, Sokka, Katara etc) all have their own priorities and levels of rational versus emotional drive. They all want to protect the people they love, but have a hard time agreeing on how to go about doing so. I think they made the right decision. At least, this way, they aren't leaving Zuko and the younger children unprotected. The older kids' expedition would be wasted if Azula killed Zuko before they got back.

It must be so hard on the Gaang, not knowing what the condition/status of their kids is, and for Iroh, who knows that his sort of son is dying. Not happy for any of them.

When Toph starts crying, you can really tell that it is getting to them. It seems like this is getting pretty close to the climax.

Every description of Zuko reminds me of how close he is to dying, how much closer he is getting. I can tell that it reminds Katara too.

Aw. Iroh is thinking about Ursa. I think it is going to be a very happy moment when the kids bring her back, but an extremely sad one if they don't make it in time. However, Zuko's dream hopefully shows otherwise.

Good. I think their plan is a good one. I like the whole put-the-guards-in-the-room thing. Guards outside a room seems to say that there is something inside worth protecting and so makes it more likely that it will be investigated.

The last part was really sad. A great ending, but *really* sad. Katara is accepting the possibility that the antidote will not be found in time to save Zuko.

Great job!

10/7/2008 c17 52Angsty Anime Star
Aw Ursa and Assmiya AW That was like so sweet. And you have to saev Zuko or i will have fan girls attack you.

Random person: youve killed Zuko in like all of your fics

Me: Oh well i love to torture people NOT be tortured

Okay off topic. That was a great fic. xD
10/5/2008 c17 31kasplosion
i absolutely love what has happened to the kiddies! i bet they're heroic looking. totally. XD i really like how they're just realizing how boring traveling can be. and they owned those gangly men so hard! epicness! for a second, tho, i thought one of them was Jet... hmm... OMA, AND URSA! she's like an Iroh to them! hehehe.

i eagerly look forward to more of their journey! we aren't too familiar with Roh, Shia, and Kyoshi's characters, and this trip is totally giving me a vivid picture of them. n-n

i'm terribly sorry i'm so late! i've gotten real busy and today's the first day i've had enough time to catch up. please forgive me! [:
10/5/2008 c17 1Pepipanda
Ursa! Wow! I was not expecting that!

Yeah, I Spy can get pretty repetitive in the sky. 4 days is a long time to fly over water, with not much to do.

They are getting bored and so it's easier to be homesick (that and the nature of their mission is a little depressing in that there is something big to be lost if they fail. At least they aren't freaking out about that right now)

Ah. The little hints with Roh of what they are going to find.

Wow. Zuko gave away his dagger? That says a lot about how close he is to Asamiya(not that we haven't seen that a lot already).

Nice semi-quote from The Firebending Masters. Impatience might run in the family.

Land ho! Yay! Things are looking up!

I'm glad the kids are protective of each other. They really show they care, something I liked with the Gaang.

Very random way to find Ursa. I'm glad that it happened though. What news to get. She hasn't seen her beloved son for decades, and then the first news she gets from relatives is that he is dying.

I'm glad to see that she is coming along. They need an adult on their trip, even if just for the sense of stability and some security.

Keep writing!

10/4/2008 c17 17zutarakid50
YEAH! Ursa to the rescue!

I'm pretty sure Jet was mentioned too. Figures he'd still hate the fire nation XD

I like how you used Roh to foreshadow Ursa coming. Isn't this the kid who Zuko said didn't really connect with anyone? Hmm... :)

I'm glad Ursa's going with the kid to the north pole but... will Appa fly as fast?
10/4/2008 c16 zutarakid50
Yay! Story time!

Aang has good points about the kids. And Toph being a protective kick ass parent is cool! (goes to read next chapter)
10/3/2008 c16 7arizony
Yes, I do like it. Very good story, as I have come to expect from you.
9/13/2008 c15 1Pepipanda
She really takes after her father. It's nice that you mention that she reacts to worry and stress like Zuko and how questions won't help the issue.

Zuko is so sick. I mean, it's to be expected given the symptoms and prognosis from the scroll on fire lily poison, it just has more impact when you watch it happen, not just hear them talk about it.

Poor Asamiya. What a dilemma. To save her father or obey her parents. I'm glad that she is going to go to the North Pole. They can't afford to lose Zuko. In many ways. Politically, Asamiya isn't really ready to rule the Fire Nation. I mean, Zuko wasn't all that much older after the war, but still, Asamiya is only my age, and I know I'm not capable of ruling a country. And as a family. They really love and care about him and watching him die would be so hard. I really love that he finally has a bunch of people who care so much about him, unlike Ozai and Azula.

Katara misses Zuko already. It's sad.

The kids are onto her! They know more than they let on. That's interesting. I like how they know enough about her to figure out where they need to be and when.

Aww. She has to say goodbye to Zuko. That's so sweet, especially since she knows that it might be the last goodbye. I take it Zuko is reaching the pass out and rarely, if ever, wake up stage?

She is sad to leave, but knows she has to. Looking at it all one last time. Especially that tree. It's so meaningful.

I wasn't expecting you to have the kids come along too(until this chapter of course). I hope they left a note or something, because their parents are going to be so worried. I think they will be useful on the (hopefully short) journey. How many of them are benders, and of what types?

I liked the bit about looking for Toph and how Zuko is a higher priority becuase he doesn't have as much time.

Iroh. That was sweet. He understands them and knew what they were doing, and that they had to do it, on their own. He knows about teenagers, at least a bit, from Lu Ten and Zuko.

I hope they make it. They have about a week to get there and a week to get back, and even then, it's cutting it close.

Keep writing!

9/13/2008 c15 15klainelynch
I love the kids being like a 'new gaang', and of course I love seeing Iroh!
9/12/2008 c15 17zutarakid50
Well, lookie here, an update. Yay!

I guess I should have realized that Asamiya wouldn't go alone!

Wait a minute...

Going to the Nother Pole...Using Appa...a time limit...Different nations... They ARE the GAang's kids! lol
8/30/2008 c14 1Pepipanda
Wow. I wasn't expecting Ty Lee to show up, but I'm glad that she has. I can't imagine she hasn't changed a little through 20 years in Azula's prison. That must have been awful.

Aang is really committed to Toph. I'm glad that he really enjoys his marriage to Toph.

I liked how there were lots of references to the era of canon. How they keep thinking about those times, since I think they aren't going to forget that part of their lives and that nothing is going to be as big since. It's hard to think of Aang as a 39-year-old man.

I think Aang's vision of Asamiya was interesting. I hope he remembers it and either trusts Asamiya to get the antidote, or tries to help her. I'm not sure which he will do... or if he does something else.

I'm glad that Aang has figured out about the poison. It was annoying when they didn't know(not in an "I'm annoyed with you, the author" way, more of an "I wish I could just tell you what's really going on" way)

I was surprised when they found Ty Lee there. I really didn't expect that.

I'm glad that Ty Lee is shown to be a good person and that they think the others will accept her and that Zuko has still been thinking about her. That's really nice.

I hope Zuko's going to live, but it's going to be close.

Keep writing!

8/27/2008 c14 15klainelynch
Aww, Taang sweetness. Man, Ty Lee kept in that prison all that time? That's so sad :( Glad she's out!
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