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5/23/2008 c2 17zutarakid50
This was a very well done chapter! I like the name of the forms 'Sun Warrior'. That's so cool!
5/22/2008 c2 15klainelynch
Great chapter, I loved it! My favorite part was the comparison of the Asamiya/Zuko and Zuko/Oazi relationships. Even though the respective parent and child involved are very different, the amount of devotion really is the same. Very clever!
5/22/2008 c2 1Pepipanda
I like this! I mean I definitely liked the old version and I am a little disappointed that I don't get to find out what happens next for a while, but this new version is worth it! I like how it feels more fleshed out, like it was a good story before, but now it is much more. Everything is much more real. I liked the part where Iroh remarks on how devoted Asamiya is to her father and I thought about the contrast between Zuko's filial devotion and Asamiya's. She actually gets love and acceptance that Zuko never got from his father. I don't know why, but just sticks out to me.
5/22/2008 c1 Dragon Jadefire
WHY! TT_TT WHY DO YOU REDO IT! It was beautiful before! TT_TT

I love it. But I'm sad you redid it.
5/21/2008 c1 15klainelynch
Nice re-do of your old story, the descriptions are much more mature than last time which is really nice. I'm really looking forward to reading this revised version, should be better than last time (which was still really good)!
5/21/2008 c1 17zutarakid50
I like how this chapter went but you've confused me-

'The eldest child of her uncle Sokka and aunt Toph stopped reading, to grin back at her cousin.'

I thought Kyoshi was Sokka and Suki's eldest? what happended?

Also, I love the love conections!
5/21/2008 c1 22animegamer89
You started over?


Ok, whatever floats your boat. Anyways, I liked this story before, and I still like it. I'm very interested in seeing where this goes. Update soon.
5/21/2008 c1 randomwriter498
That was a bit confusing with all of the names and a bit off from the original plot. I thought Ang and Katara loved eachother, not Zuko.
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