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for Midnight Groan

6/7/2013 c2 3malugargula
So beautiful
4/3/2013 c2 7twlightbella
Aww Dean and chloe had a baby.
3/10/2010 c2 70BlueSuedeShoes
Aw, SO cute!

(you always leave me awesome comments, so I thought I'd return the favor).

Dean as a dad is adorable. I could totally see him placing bets with people on what gender the child's going to be, and my favorite spot was definitely when he told Chloe she could kick child birth's ass. "Damn straight" is right! lol

Good job. One tip: work on your narrator voice. You switched from first person to third person several times.
7/2/2008 c2 Misskiss645
AW! That was totally worth the wait! Yeah, You're lucky you didn't end where you were gonna 'cause I would not have been a very happy camper. Loved it though! Baby Mary is adorable, and the family is perfect. Great job!

5/22/2008 c1 iheartJA
Really liked the start,Chloe is cute but I'm having my own version of a 'Chloe' instead of The smallvill one coz i don't like her very much...I'm glad theres a part one coz it means I've got a whole story to read that connects to this one!Gonna read "Wedding Vows" ASAP:)...btw plz update this, its an awesome idea Dean being a dad and twins will be double fabulous:D
5/21/2008 c1 Misskiss645
Well I read wedding vows b/c i wanted to read this one but not be behind and that was great and I'm likin this one so far too! I think they should have a girl just so Dean has to give Chloe 20 buck. HEHE :) Great start! Can't wait for more! :)

5/21/2008 c1 hotforjensen101
Make them have twins a boy then a girl. My sister thought she was having a boy and it turned out to be a boy and a girl. They hadn't seen the second baby on the ultrasound because her brother was blocking her. Just like my brother did to me. I always told my sister she would have the twins. Lol The story rocked.

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