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for Griffin's Vengeance

8/3/2017 c18 Guest
You must update I love this story sooooooo much!
2/18/2017 c18 Emily
Please come back and update, do not abandon this awesome story! It just happened that I watched the movie on tv this night and the potential the story has, was completely missing in the movie. I thought, well I am sure there are a lot of talented writers out there, that will make the movie into a great fanfic gem and I was right :D , I really enjoyed how you portrait the characters and I love how you create dialogues and insert on point humour, keep the great work going! I hope I will find an update soon, have a nice day and may your muse inspire you to write more chapters and bless us with your talent by giving us readers some creative stories, xo
3/22/2014 c18 Guest
Please please please please please update soon, it's been soooo long hahaa I will love you forever :) your story is so amazing

I love it!
10/8/2013 c18 Miu
Hi. :) I just read it all in one day and... it's a wonderful story! I like how you don't push to the relationship between Mercy and Griff. :) I hope a new chapter will be here soon. ;) Good luck with writing, Wolfie.
8/2/2013 c2 3TheElderOne
I guess you've read the book...I've no objections to the movie, and even the director said the movie was based off the concept, not the plot which is very twisted. Anyway, good work.
6/9/2013 c18 Azhaeda
So, this is my first time reading a Jumper fanfic, but overall, I think it was really good. I especially like the way Griffin

changes slowly and fluidly, instead of all in one rush. Very nice character development. Listen to me- I sound like I

actually know what the heck I'm talking about. XD

Again, great story. I'm anticipating the next update. :)
6/7/2013 c18 1rogeralans
Great story so far! You've done an awesome job on writing it, and for that I congratulate you. I can't wait for the next update. Go Griffin!
4/29/2013 c18 4stranger-ties
OMG! You have to update soon, found this fic today and couldn't stop reading it. Really love the way you write Griffin and the way he is so falling for mercy x
Can't wait for the next chapter xxx
3/25/2013 c18 Serrure
Thank you, for making me waste my day away by devouring all wonderful 18 chapters of your story.
I really should be working on my uni assignments, but since I recently got sucked into Billy Eliott, King Kong and Jumper... I blame Jamie Bell and yourself for my temporary lack of common sense and motivation to study.
2/27/2013 c18 2Cerulean Serendipity
That was awesome! I'm SO glad you updated, and if it's not to much to ask, can you not do another 2 year skip? Again, epic chapter and please update soon!
(Formally Animals are my Life)
2/26/2013 c18 15talkstoangels77
An update! 's in pretty deep, huh?
2/26/2013 c18 wolfdog127
Glad to see you've come back!

Damn I haven't read this fic in ages brings back memories yeah know? this was the first fic I ever added to my watch and favorites list It's what really got me into I'm happy to see it's not been abandoned :)
2/25/2013 c17 Guest
Wow I really like this story and I love how you kept griffin in character! I really hope you update soon I'm just enjoying this story so much :)
2/25/2013 c18 12ANARCHY RULES
Didn't ever expect another chapter. Nice to be roven wrong
11/1/2012 c17 2VictoriaKing12321
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