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for A Trip to the Circus

7/12/2019 c1 Nellie Lovett
Hello deary it’s Mrs Lovett here, I just want to say that this did make even Mr T chuckle and thank you for putting a smile on his face for me, I do love to see him like that. Also, Toby admitted he loved it when the circus came to London! Wonderful story love x
7/1/2014 c1 Anonymous
Great story, very suspenseful :D
9/4/2009 c1 3Protector of Silence
Laugh out loud! That is so funny it's unimaginable! Don't know where you get these ideas but they're very good.

Just one typo I caught:

“Well, okay, love. How could I say no ta a face like that?” Mrs. Lovettreplied

Keep up the fun stories!
6/29/2009 c1 bequeathed
Hey, there! Well, I popped on over here since you mentioned your story in a review you left me, and I'm glad I did! This was very cute. Sweeney, in a weird way, looks sort of like a "demon clown" himself. And because he's such an intimidating person, it was very amusing to read his fearful reaction over the cheerful clown. Very funny and creative! Anyway, good job here! I enjoyed the read. :)
6/16/2009 c1 10SpoonfulOfArsenic
I read this a while ago and I haven't reviewed? I love it! Just hilarious! (I myself do not like clowns either). lol
10/10/2008 c1 7Lady Verity
*giggle, giggle* I loved that! :)


Lady Verity
8/31/2008 c1 Kogasha
Wow. I'm still grinning from that. xD You get much love and cookies for that one. Ha. Sweeney Todd. Afraid of clowns. -giggle-
7/30/2008 c1 JohnnyDeppLover
AFRAID OF CLOWNS! Clowns freak me out too! Althoug, I would never be THAT scared. Poor Sweeney.
7/15/2008 c1 StupidGord
Clowns are evil and should be squirted with hot oil (apologies to all clowns)

Love the fic, it's hilarious ;)
7/10/2008 c1 3Shadowstar513
Ha! That is funny! I likeyfullness it! I know that makes very little sense! yay senselessness! i love it! Fun!

6/27/2008 c1 60AngelofDarkness1605
OMG, that was hilarious! What a great idea! Sweeney afraid of clowns... haha. Just like Johnny Depp XD (and you :P)
6/10/2008 c1 6Shitty Chicken Gang Bang
hahaha! that was so funny! XD

and it's amazing how in character this all is, and yet so hilarious at the same time :P

i must say that you write some of the best sweeney stories around! they're always so believable- like the real thing except happier :)
5/29/2008 c1 SoObssessedWSweeney


It's nice to know that Sweeney is, too.

Write more!
5/27/2008 c1 Chick On Wheels

You should make like a series of these or something!

P.s. My story isn't dead. Life's just hard right now.
5/26/2008 c1 jcd4evea
Lol! Lov it! Im askared of clowns too. I feel ya Sweeney!
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