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for Dead Blood

2/22/2012 c1 27Fluent in Fangirl
Oh my gosh, that was hilarious! I was on the bus when I read this and I almost started cracking up when Edward said "Every girl has a monthly urge to… to kill themselves?" Lol, awesome story. :)
6/6/2011 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
A great story. Very well written.
1/3/2010 c1 14WithoutLove.LifeIsLike
Haha cute :) It made me giggle.
5/26/2009 c1 helloholls
yes, why of course all girls have a monthly urge to go kill themselves, duh!

omg! i absolutly loved it! brill :D
2/11/2009 c1 18ArwenGranger
Poor embarassed Bella! I loved Edward's line “Every girl has a monthly urge to… to kill themselves?", so funny.
6/1/2008 c1 GODSLOVE
lol! I know they're at least a couple of these kind of fanfics going around but I loved yours! lol! Poor, sheltered Edward. So naive! So clueless! Bella had to straight out tell him before he knew she was talking about her period! lol!

Great fanfic!

5/27/2008 c1 8Taylor5795
thats always one of the things i've wondered about...i thought it wouldn't because that would be utterly nasty but this was great! i burt out laughing as soon as i realized where it was going! great story!
5/26/2008 c1 2LovableAsian
HAHA. loved it! [; funny stuffs
5/26/2008 c1 8Krb13
"Could mean nothing, could mean everything" THAT SENTENCE WAS AWESOME!
5/26/2008 c1 16BellaBaby2813
wow! i was always wondering how she ask him... GREAT TAKE ON IT! it was really funny!
5/26/2008 c1 bloodsinger
hahaha this was cute! well done!
5/26/2008 c1 12musically inclined
Haha. That was cute.

5/26/2008 c1 80Shekiah Rosay
Hahaha! That's awesome. Edward is the best. "Every girl has a monthly urge to… to kill themselves?" That's actually, um, pretty accurate. Not going to lie. But awesome idea, and good fic. Not too long, not too short. Thanks! ^^

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