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1/10 c1 21HyperA2019
I am looking foward to Chapter 12 and Naruto learn Uzumaki clan jutsu.
7/10/2020 c11 13creativesm75
well, this is good
6/3/2020 c11 Hellwyrm
Its a shame this hasn't been updated in just over 9 years. It's a fantastic start to something that promised to be absolutely amazing. I hope your health situation stablized even if you were/are unable to return to writing. Stay safe with the shitshow that is going on in the world where ever you are.
3/6/2020 c6 5Waki Paki
Really? Orochimaru is also getting some time-travel knowledge, too? Out of everyone?
The entire concept of time-travel do-overs in fanfiction is a very Mary Sue type of story by mere default, since hindsight knowledge more time "best" results. You want to add drama on that?
Tacking on a villain who also has this meta-knowledge is a cheap and lazy way to bring an actual threat into a situation where the reader is less invested in actual struggle and more in seeing their favorite characters and situations play out. Why not just have these very powerful people react organically to the situations because they got that damned powerful and old by being able to ADAPT ON THE FLY. This would present the reader with the better look at the character we know from a different perspective.
Don't get me wrong, mate; I'm reading and enjoying this story so far. But that, right there? Orochimaru metagaming? Not good. It makes me very wary of the rest of the story.
3/4/2020 c3 Waki Paki
Hey remember that time that Naruto casually told Ino and Anko and Kurenai he was the son of the 4th hokage by introducing himself as "Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto"? Remember how nobody reacted at all to this very stunningly important declaration of the heir to a clan and lineage to a village leader?
Class A writing, there.
2/29/2020 c11 AcidESP
It's a good story, I hope it continues soon, greetings, see you, bye!
10/23/2019 c1 Paladeus
Been extremely unwell and now can no longer recover any of my account passwords from unresponsive laptop.
Thank you all my reviewers for your posts; positive, negative & neutral the lot of them.
When improved & in stable financial/social situation I will be transferring and continuing on a new account. Expect I've got a zillion messages I'll never see or answer now! Always forever grateful for time you've given me.
8/12/2019 c1 Jahlil
There should be more chapters to this story
8/4/2019 c11 benjamin
sabes la criatura deberia ser no se un Parasite o un Ghouls (ver referencia anime) pero no hacerlo extremadamente poderoso ya que aun no estan a su maximo poder, bien al final de la mision podria iniciar como ino descubra su chackra de viento.
Solo espero como Hinata intente convencer a Haku al harem y ya que kurenai y anko son pareja y no la pondras con naruto bien podrias involucrar al harem a una de mis favoritas TenTEn solo que en caso de ella hacerlo mas depacio que Ino por su forma de ser pero creo que si naruto aprendiese kenjutsu seria un buen paso para llamar la atencion de tenten
4/13/2019 c6 1ImaginaryStranger
Karin is the same age as Naruto, meaning that currently in your story she is twelve. What experiments are you even talking about? She couldn't be chief medic in any of Orochimaru's labs at that age. Not to mention her questionable attitude in her younger years, which was clearly shown when she became one of Sasuke's fangirls. If enormous amount of mistakes and Naruto's childish attitude didn't kill the story in previous chapters, the complete lack of logic (Kurenai using Genjutsu on Naruto because Hinata flirted with him, seriously?) in regards to your characters ruined it completely.
4/13/2019 c5 ImaginaryStranger
Naruto has the mind of an adult that went through war yet acts like a little kid. Ruined it.
1/25/2019 c10 Guest
To add. Personally I read a story to enjoy it. Reading disgusting and rage inducing shit isnt enjoyable. I've never understood people watching shows and movies that focus on tragedy meant to be and and depressing as a form of enjoyment.

As far as I'm concerned so many people who watch such things because they enjoy it explains a lot about how crappy people are.

Reading about a character I like being used and abused and in a prolonged manner is not something I'm willing to do and just means that if I actually enjoyed the damn story that it's been ruined for me and is a huge let down as well as now sticking the memories of whatever depressing events happened to them in my head to add to the collection of other depressing shit I read to not think about.

I expect and cam accept bad things in stories but this shit with sakura is unnecessary and clearly a long term thing that will get very fucked and again not stop anytime soon. The hell with that.
1/25/2019 c10 Guest
I REALLY dont like the route the author decided to go with sakura. It pissed me off heavily.

Personally at first in canon I found sakura annoying back when I first watched it but only at first. Later on i started warming up to her a bit but mostly I realized something. That being that the damn creator had clearly decided how he wanted the story to end for the most part between sakura and sasuke.

That he wanted her obsessed and pining for him the whole way through. However in actually writing it realized he couldn't do it and with sasuke actions and everything it made no kind of sense in the story. He basically forced the issue and her obsession to the point it just seemed ridiculous and was nothing more than a prolonged forced event. Because of that for many she became a hated character and fanfiction writers ended up punishing her in their stories in various ways. I feel like it's the same in this one and her being used by him in this one pisses me off.

I REALLY like this story, but his actions with her and the disgusting ways he clearly will use her and the hokage just forgetting he kills her really fucks this story up for me. In a way making me glad it was dropped. It's a massive disappointment he took the story there for a disgusting drama the story frankly doesn't need.

The tragedy in the war and other possible related events were more than enough.

It's quite clear even adding her run in with that ninja asking her for sexual favors that some rly fucked up shit was intended to happen to sakura. Especially since sasuke a massively selfish bastard hell do everything he can to train her to be his obedient pet and sec slave and even break ino's confidence and snitch secrets as much as possible as his spy.

I hate it emphatically.
8/11/2018 c11 Y u do dis
Was much good, sad now.
7/27/2018 c1 benjamin
One of the best narfic fanfic in the time I've read; if you accept, I will provide you with some ideas:
• That last creature you mention could be a failed experiment of orochimaru to create an eternal young body and escape from its confinement.
• The reason why the creature murders people would be to eat their flesh by accumulating it in their body and get skills like the carnivorous aliens of PARASYTE - KISEIJUU SEI NO KAKURITSU.
• To make the feelings of haku to naruto more credible besides the already known moment in which they find themselves, while zabuza recovers with the help of Ino and hinata they should convince her to spend time with them and make her see how people suffer in nami the true will to help others and teach them not to act as a tool and more as a human being (it is more credible than just saving it and suddenly falls in love and accepts this)
• In the harem, I'm not convinced by kurenai and anko, it would be too overwhelming for Ino to keep up with two Kunoichis Jounin and two ninjas of the future, and she would feel out of place.
• If you decide to change to anko and kurenai (before you said they will not be in the harem) you could involve Karin, think it is a pure uzumaki would help Naruto and his partners in a great way, besides that Karin is perverted and submissive will please this hinata as well Humor and interest will increase since Karin and Naruto are unwritten couples and much less worth reading.
• Other girls that you could consider (it's not an obligation is your story) would be:
- Tenten (for having great goals, energy and other qualities that would be good with naruto, is little valued just for not being a clan or having a kinjutsu, also her appearance for being Chinese make her a very beautiful girl)
- Temari (for being clever and because of her past you can see that she suffered a lot, she understands the pain of a jinchuriki she is a great fighter, it would help to involve her in the harem so in a certain way not only naruto, Gaara also wins a big family) I also see her as incompatible with a loose and unmotivated shikamaru; let the latter stay with shiho.
- Other possible credible options would be Shion (priestess), Shizuka (the princess Kunoichi of the stuffing) and Fuu (jinchuriki Nanabi)
• It could die sakura because of sasuke, or Ino to know later in the future with the help of hinata and naruto saving it is optional (preference after the chunin exams)
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