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4/9 c26 John Trevelyan
Ranma and Ami Mizuno really do make a good pairing, and would probably make for a fine husband
and wife.
4/9 c25 Lamorak Korving
IF THERE IS ONE POSITIVE THING about Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto that I like, it is that she
genuinely CARES 100% about Hotaru Tomoe's happiness. And in my opinion, Hotaru deserves as
much happiness as anybody else. It's kind of sad that she doesn't have many friends.
4/9 c23 John Trevelyan
PROFESSOR TOMOE and Kaolinite are QUITE DEFINITELY EVIL, so I hope Hotaru realizes this quickly.
Especially since as Sailor Saturn she has the power to do it.
4/9 c22 John Trevelyan
DID YOU REALLY NEED to have Queen Beryl quote Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars:
EPISODE VI: Return of the Jedi with "Young Fool. Only now at the end do you understand"? Or do
Beryl and her generals watch Star Wars movies to get their villainous lines? Knowing them, I would
not be at all surprised.
4/9 c21 Lamorak Korving
I FEEL THAT you are concentrating TOO MUCH on letting the bad guys-i.e. Youma, Beryl,
Jadeite, Kunzite & Zoisite win. Furthermore, given how much you complained about super-
powered Youma, you seem to be creating your own. The ONLY THING that prevents me from
calling you a hypocrite was the inclusion of Hotaru Tomoe in this chapter. Who would've thought
Hotaru was a big fan of Jackie Chan?
4/9 c20 John Trevelyan
TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST, I think you are doing a pretty damn good job keeping this story of
yours, "No Chance for Fate" both reasonably realistic and believable. The chemistry between Ami
Mizuno and Ranma works very well, especially given how socially inexperienced the two of them are.
Why in the WORLD Ranma's creator made him marry Akane, the most violent of all the
girls in the Ranma 1/2 manga, I'll never know.
4/9 c12 Craven Star
Now what the hell is Khu Lon doing in Juuban? Hmmm. Xian-Pu had a NOT-so-nice encounter with
the Senshi,and was decidedly hostile. First Xian-Pu, now Khu Lon? I don't believe in
coincidences. The two events MUST be connected.
4/8 c11 John Trevelyan
Yeah, well, what can I say except the Dark Kingdom's Youma and Queen Beryl could have
benefited from reading the Ranma 1/2 manga by Rumiko Takahashi. The fact they didn't just
helps them contribute to their own defeat. Then again, nobody ever said the bad guys ever read
the script-or the manga. (Well, except perhaps Usagi and Rei)
4/8 c10 Lamorak Korving
OK, you've said what YOU have to say, now let me have MY say. Ranma may not BE a Senshi, BUT his
Jusenkyo curse DOES make it possible for him to BE one if necessary. There's nothing wrong with
Ranma being related to a Senshi-Sailor Saturn, for example. That pairing works very well. Ranma the
super-powerful I admit IS patently ridiculous, however. Super-draining Youma is also crazy. Ranma is
no sensei, so there is NO WAY he could POSSIBLY train the Sailor Senshi in martial arts. Assist them,
sure. Training, no.
4/7 c9 Lamorak Korving
Nephrite is an idiot.
4/7 c8 John Trevelyan
I think I like the idea of Ranma Saotome marrying Ami Mizuno. Yes, I know he eventually DID
marry Akane Tendo, but exactly WHY Rumiko Takahashi, who created Ranma, forced him to marry
the abusive girl is beyond me. Ukyo would have been a much better choice than Akane.
3/31 c11 Lamorak Korving
UNLESS I'M VERY MUCH MISTAKEN, Makoto Kino IS Sailor Venus. As for Minako Aino, she never
really impressed me, even as a Senshi. Now, WHEN will Sailor Pluto deal with the Youma?
As an immortal, she's MORE THAN CAPABLE of doing so without even trying.
3/31 c10 James Lysander
I really, REALLY love the idea of Ami Mizuno and Ranma Saotome as a couple. Akane Tendo
in my opinion, at best, could only be a friend to Ranma, rather than a fiancee. And I PERSONALLY
AGREE (for once) that Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto is right in saying both Ami and Ranma deserve
some happiness. Whether Nodoka will approve, however, well...that's another matter
3/31 c9 Lamorak Korving
NEPHRITE, YOU'RE A DEAD MAN-or should that be monster? Ranma's many enemies have tried,
many, many, many times to defeat him-and ALL HAVE FAILED. Xian-Pu, Cologne, Mousse,
Tatewaki Kuno, Principal Kuno, Kodachi Kuno, Saffron...they all lost to him, even Ryoga
Hibiki. As THEY lost to him, Nephrite, so will you. Because Ranma NEVER loses.
3/31 c8 John Trevelyan
"No Chance for Fate" is one of the better Ranma 1/2 & Sailor Moon crossovers. Ami
Mizuno, a.k.a. Sailor Mercury and Ranma Saotome REALLY do seem to get on well. Now a little-
known fact about the planet Mercury is that it rules TWO astrology signs, Gemini & Virgo.
And if I had to guess, I would say Ami is a Virgo. Ranma seems to finally be getting better at
comforting girls, especially Ami, and he actually seems to be afraid of losing her. This, most
likely is because Ami is not violent.
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