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11/14/2001 c5 Todd
I don't appreciate the bashing you give me in your chapters Fararoe! .
11/10/2001 c3 Seija
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry Up! HURRY UP RIGHT NOOOOWWWWWW! please...
11/3/2001 c2 Ravenmoon
Hooray! Death to Yamcha! You should've drawn it out...I like gore when it involves bashing the Yam man! Blood is the sustenance of my twisted mind...ooh, that sounds cool. ^_^
10/11/2001 c3 6Katie and Caroline
*Begins dancing* People are actually READING this! Yay!
10/11/2001 c1 Starbreez
Poor Yamcha *smirks* hehehehehehe very very good
10/11/2001 c2 riverquest
Hey maybe this will grow on me I find it hard to like original characters. I'm sorry you didn't like my fic and thanxs for pointing out the spelling error.

I think I future especially as an author yourself you should maybe try to see the good side of other ppl's work though even if you only understand that its just from their pov.

peace and respect

Scary Bulma
10/8/2001 c1 Ravenmoon
This is a good start...just make more! Too short! Nyaaaaahhhh...back to sniffing the j/k
10/8/2001 c1 ssjpan
sounds good, hope you write more soon!

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