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for Three Months Was All It Took ItaSaku

5/17/2020 c9 Guest
10/11/2015 c1 5becauseambatman1
This first chapter is heart breaking! Love it can't wait to know what transpired for this too happen.
7/20/2015 c22 anonim
I've spent hours reading alot of itasaku fanfiction but definitely this is my favourite one, it makes me cry every damn time,thank you,but i really think that you should do another one only with a happy ending,i dunno like ita-kun not dying T/_\T,or describe more of the events between itachi and sakura.
lovelovelove this fic thank you
6/14/2011 c26 1black raven cherry blossom
come on... pleases, please, please stop. every time i read a sad part of your chapters you always make me cry.(or at least in the inside)hmmmph why did you make Mr.cute Itachi die and Sakura.you made her hert so much that it back-fired on me to.(sob)well i still like your stories and i cant wait until the next chapp.

:/ -smile and frown fused.
12/1/2009 c27 pokadotdog
This is one of the best ItaSaku i have read!

I cried at the end and the song used is beautiful.


Peaceout (Keep up the good work)
4/7/2009 c14 8JamieyMarieh
hidan is -kinda- hot lol
4/4/2009 c27 Eiyu. Love. Love
i need a sequel..

i was really sad when itachi died in the manga,, he was kind ,

how could they?.!

that's why I'm not fond of Sasuke..

oh and i finished your story in 2 hours...

write more please

3/17/2009 c27 4dark-angel-of-the-past
That... was... AWESOME!

You got to make a sequal!
12/7/2008 c1 15Cutie Bunny
good job
10/21/2008 c27 maplehoof the 5th
this story is really awesome..

it made me cry in the end
8/22/2008 c27 Sasha
It was ok until the ending, you didn't seem to resolve anything and gave the feeling that you ended the story prematurely.
7/22/2008 c27 HanaJimaa
I like the ending the best (even though it does make me kind of sad). (*Sniff*)
7/7/2008 c27 1Jellylicious

you idn't end it,i'm happy know

i like the chapter
7/7/2008 c27 18IAmJustAFicReader
i really hate that you killed Itachi...
7/7/2008 c27 1JupiterGrace
i would have prefered sakura to die in the end, to make it more dramatic and sad. but that's just me. it was still a very good ending! Thank you for writing this fantastic fanfiction!

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