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for Even in Death

3/8/2014 c1 tammy henson
continue with it. bring back paige
8/18/2011 c1 51AdamTobiasGrayson
whaaaaat dont end it that way! revenge is in order! or needed oh you get what i mean
3/24/2011 c1 193LoveLikeElena
Hi! This story was really good! You definitely had Paige down! I really enjoyed reading it. I'm a friend of Sam's. I was hoping you could help me with a problem I'm having with ff.net. I would have Med you about it, but you have pm's turned off. I can't update my latest charmed story. Whenever I go to edit the story, it tells me anerror has occurred. I sent ff.neta message about it. But Sam told me there was a shortcut you had to fix it. Could you help me figure it out? Please? Also, feel free to read my charmed story wich is Paige centerd! Witchlighter Confidential. I hope to hear from you soon! Feel free to PM me or e-mail me. My e-mail is in my profile on ff.net.

God bless,

12/20/2009 c1 6Ollie912
awesome story you should totally make a sequel
1/7/2009 c1 charmedprincess22
u should definitely make a sequel out of it
7/2/2008 c1 119Liv-x-Case-Benson
Great story! I think you should go at least one more chapter. Maybe have Paige lead Piper and Phoebe some clues as to who did it? Why was the grave marker different than in Phoebe's premonition? Keep up the good work!
6/14/2008 c1 2PoWriter
Great story, I am impressed.

I can't wait to get started on your other fic's.
6/3/2008 c1 lizardmomma
I love that song and I think you did a very good job with this
6/1/2008 c1 5missypaige06
that was really sad but a brilliant story. i like the idea of the sos rose. its soo creative the whole story was and death was depicted really well. i always hated richard lol. id love a sequel and maybe they can get paige back? id prefer a sequel with paige in it to be honest but yes id love to read more:)

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