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12/26/2018 c14 TopsAMtn
Wow...that was interesting. That was an Angel I've NEVER seen. Good story. Thank you.
3/30/2017 c14 4JayeMaru
This was nice. I enjoyed that the pieces came together and they each found something that gave them family and purpose.
3/9/2013 c14 3Skyeward MusicLover
10/28/2011 c4 10Herne
I like it.
5/10/2011 c14 spk
Really enjoyed this. Loved your focus on the interactions of the Aurelius clan. :)
4/21/2010 c14 Paulacowell
I like the story
3/28/2009 c14 29Angel's blue eyed girl
Hey elaine,

Wow another incredible fic! This was mind blowing because I could so see Willow doing this too! Wow...I even dealt with the Angel/Tara action because it furthered the fic. I sometimes put Angel or Angelus of late with other partners too, but ONLY to further the fic. BUT inthe end...it's ALWAYS Buffy he goes to. It's always her he loves. Thanks for keeping that too. I love your fics and nudge em any chance I get! I think you're amazingly talented. Now since I've posted on my fics...I get to read! :) :) So, I'm off to read more of your fics... Yay!


2/27/2009 c14 jean
are there anymore chapters to this story? this is a really good story, but i want to know who did die ?
11/11/2008 c14 11MacKenzie Creations
I just read the rest of this fic. GREAT JOB!


8/30/2008 c14 7neoearthqueen30
this was great! i loved it!
7/8/2008 c14 5David Fishwick
Cool idea and thanks for writing. I enjoyed the plot and you are a good author.
7/7/2008 c12 Americasweetie
Just read it all! Took awhile for the B/A action but none the less, I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more! Please update soon! Great story! I hope it doesn't end too soon! So many possibilities!
7/7/2008 c12 621630
like it..

longer chappies would be awesome though...

please continue and update soon...

not many buffy writers update fast man...

7/1/2008 c11 621630
Love the new chappie!
6/29/2008 c11 David Fishwick
Nice idea and please update soon thanks.
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