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for Jess and Leslie Sugar Baby Love

4/9/2019 c2 Guest
He did save your life! You were gon die
7/9/2015 c5 16Mayunaise
Hi! Just to say thanks for your work of translation, it was a sweet but not to fluffly little fic. I don"t believe you continue to go on but well, wanted to leave a review.
5/28/2015 c5 blue jay
11/21/2014 c1 nicole
its very good keep up the good work
7/9/2014 c5 Guest
I love this write more please
11/18/2013 c5 STNick999
9/19/2011 c5 4LittleMissPink96
This was very cute especially the bit after the creek and these last two chapters overall a good story just try to vary your sentences a bit more :)
1/26/2010 c5 262The Dark Knight's Revenge
Really nice, well written, lots of cute, good job :D
7/26/2009 c5 8SuperxXxGirl79
i loved that story...it would be interesting to find out what Jess' family thought about him dating Leslie.
7/26/2009 c3 SuperxXxGirl79
ah yes, how would Jess survive in a world without Leslie? oh wait, he probably wouldn't...hm..at least not happily...imma go read the next chapter(s).
5/15/2009 c5 32Twitz
Hahaha, such a cute story! :D Gonna add it up to my favorites!
2/21/2009 c5 1Joan Grace Almo
This is a great translation, and I'm pretty sure the original version is great as well. I like the ending-it's so open to interpretations by the reader. And while the story could definitely be continued past Jess's leaving the Burkes' place, taking a short peek into the characters' lives (just one day) sure makes this fanfic short and sweet.

As someone familiar to all of us once said: "I don't have as much time as I need to see everything, but that is what makes it so special."
12/21/2008 c5 24Owl Emporium
Haha, I loved that! It was great. :D

9/7/2008 c5 6Laine Whitlock
7/22/2008 c5 1justme123
The title's pretty cheesy, but loved the story!
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