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for A Simple Twist of Fate

5/20 c44 Scarease
Like mix both with Emperor mentality with Clone organs .One Vadar would no longer be a cripple with stunted Force potential .Have more body restored would increase his power and abilities .This mean more fit as Stih and servant .plus flesh more assistive to electricity .One Vadars would stronger more like to take over but also more effective .
5/20 c42 Scarease
Consider been left alone ten years like chewed by some form pest by now .
5/20 c40 Scarease
What cuase the problem what should asked ?
5/20 c39 Scarease
Need work less murdering people maybe do scaring them ,threaten them ,and intimidate these thing work greatly .Plus wife and kids easier time make freind and you get less people wanting to target your family as revenge for death of theirs .
5/20 c38 Scarease
Also have find means to mask the twins force presence so that sadist old man of emperor does see them as a threat .
5/20 c35 Scarease
Consider now of both parent child's going lot present coming next birthday .

It make more sense that she lived or that Emperor use form Darkside power to kill her .
5/20 c34 Scarease
Yep Vadar going turn his house into a Paradice Fortess for his family .would not surprise me if has droids made look like armor and other such things to protect them .
5/20 c31 Scarease
Have signal some way that yes emperor will pay .Make death Slow for every time he spoke of Padme in negative way .
5/20 c16 Scarease
Some cloning tech to get new limbs ,skin and some organ replacements and he be be good as new like stronger to consider force works well with organic .Mean could convert suit into a armor .
5/20 c15 Scarease
Sounds like Jedi needs to be kicked in the Balls and Same for green midget troll .
5/20 c14 Scarease
Yep some had done about emperor Consider take feeling like love ,happiness and return of positive light force .Last time it was painful punishment and loss of his favor lead to give more to like of Tarkin .
5/20 c9 Scarease
Really make her think children are dead great work Kenobi this make so happy ,it Some a Sith would do .jedi thought good guys .I can understand faking her dead children to protect them from Vadar and especial the Emperor .But to lei to own mother that was sweet and good women .
5/20 c7 Scarease
Killing Emperor sounds really nice right about now .
5/20 c4 Scarease
With them being raise normal and loving lives better then manipulate and torment by cruel emperor .So their it positive to them taken away .
5/20 c2 Scarease
Vadar also be happy children raise far form Cruel Emperor to corrupt ,twist ,abuse or use against him .They raised by loving parents .
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