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for The Legend of Spyro: Rise of the Dragons

12/13/2008 c6 2swordmaster003
Nice recap of Spyro's story. Now off to the Guardians!
12/13/2008 c5 swordmaster003
Wow most amazing reapperance in any story I have every read :).
11/29/2008 c43 1unleash the dragon within you
this was a very gud story i read all in one day bit sort but number of chaps made it up the end bruoght tears to me eyes plz make more. cya
7/2/2008 c4 2swordmaster003
Hm interesting it seems that Mark knew where to help Spyro (I think). Anyway it was great that you brought Mark the same way you did before keep it up.
7/2/2008 c3 swordmaster003
The dark master is starting to take over the world. Seems like things are starting to get interesting.
7/2/2008 c2 swordmaster003
So I guess the dark master returned and trapped Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx. I guess you needed this to show that the dark master escaped convexity.
7/2/2008 c1 swordmaster003
It was a good idea to put the ending of eternal night at the beginning to show how much time past from your previous story.
6/22/2008 c1 Omega 445
i am very suprised that this has only had 4 reviews before mine, it is an excellent piece of work, keep it up
6/6/2008 c43 Elementricks
abosolutly brillent. two thumbs up, 10/10 you deserve it all great story
6/4/2008 c39 Elementricks
oh spyro's going to be pissed off now im just glad im not the darkmaster great story update soon
6/2/2008 c2 Mad Guns22
Dude, this looks like its going to turn out like razzek's cynder 100 story.
6/2/2008 c1 Mad Guns22
Nice start...
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