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12/13/2011 c11 firecrushedcat
11/13/2010 c11 kimmi0490
Please do a sequel! good story! =D
9/26/2010 c1 Grace
it was too short:( i think the accident should not have happened. i think u should of put some jealously in this story and more of jesse pov
5/2/2010 c11 1fashionista-princess
OMG, do you know how mych you have made me cry. Please tell me that in your sequel (you better have a sequel), you will make jesse miraculously lose the limp (there is nothing wrong with a limp, but jesse should be perfect in every way- its just the natural way of life (okay fanfiction life))and idk whatever else. please tell me that you have a sequel (pretty please with a shirtless jesse on top). you will actually not beleive waht hapened to me while i was reading your story... i was at the part where jesse had alcohol in his breath(pleasee tell me that it was a one time thing) and the part were he was just about to be run over and guess what song i was listening to ...dimelo by enrique iglesias and no me quiero enamorar by kalimba.. the most romantic and saddest songs ever... and i just started crying... from that chapter on until the whole winter formal thing i was crying... i looked completely devestaded (your story was really good, but the idea that jesse could be dead was just plain horrible(i sound like it was real life or something)) i swear they thought that i was crazy. well please tell me that you will have a sequel.. please let me know and your story was awesome, even though i was sad for like alot of it.
4/9/2010 c11 grace
why does jesse have to limp? that was so sad
3/7/2010 c11 an
OMFG! dats so damn sweet, ur my new #1 author! Pleases continue, or maybe you have already?Thank yyou if youve already continied and imagine me yelling at you to continue! And continue writing! ur stories are gr-eat
8/11/2009 c11 1xchic
i love it. is there a sequel ?
8/2/2009 c11 jessicam242
I loved this story!
7/24/2009 c11 3Mo- The Reviewer
aw! great story!

You should totally do a sequel...

what if Jesse finished college and then proposed to Suze?

That would be so cute!

Except something would have to happen to make it exciting...

Maybe a kidnapping of someone's sibling?

2/14/2009 c11 15Twilight Journey
Woo Hoo!

1/30/2009 c8 yasmin


omgomg omgi cant beleev it that last sentence made my mouth drop

omg i cant bellev iit

it best get bettaa

hes just so cute
1/19/2009 c6 O
1/9/2009 c11 2GothAngel18
That fan fic was so good and I hope you continue to write more like this.
12/7/2008 c11 1Rained on Wings
I know I'm a little late seeing as the story has ended I giess, but I LOVED it!
11/21/2008 c11 Anonymous
Bad ending, and is it really going to be continued?
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