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3/9/2021 c14 Guest
This is fucking heart breaking but my fucked up brain can't get enough
4/30/2017 c15 Guest
please update!
4/12/2017 c15 Guest
Ah, please update this! .
5/22/2016 c15 Guest
XD this is so amazing! Need more
2/2/2013 c15 ally-the-ninja
Omg! This is so good! Please update soon xx
1/9/2012 c15 1AporeticallyLucky
wow its been a long time since i last read this story.. hope you update the last chapter soon :)
10/19/2011 c15 I am Lady Snape
Awe yay! They're back. Happiness. You write such beautiful stories. Thank you.

Lobe Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c14 I am Lady Snape
I love Slytherins but they can be slow sometimes. Poor Remmy, poor Siri too.

Love Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c13 I am Lady Snape
Mauderers are friends no matter what. Yay! Still sad for Remmy but yay for friendship no matter what. Love it.

Love Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c12 I am Lady Snape
So sad, poor Remmy. :( *tears*

Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c10 I am Lady Snape
Lol. Things always get worse before they ever get better. I love it. You rock.

Love Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c9 I am Lady Snape
Another awesome chapter. I hate cliffhangers.

Love Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c8 I am Lady Snape
Something I have been wondering: what does your name mean/stand for/have relevance to? Just wondering. As always I hope I am doing the right thing bin my reviewing. This was a great chapter. I love the friendship that is shared between these boys. Keep up the good work I hope it is oaring off.

Love Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c7 I am Lady Snape
You write really fantastically and I am so glad that I clicked onto you story to read it. Thank you for providing me and all others with xucha fantastic story to read and enjoy. I look forward to reading the next chapter and I will ray to review it asbest that I can. Ideally struggle with what to write in reviews so I hope what I have written is alright.

Love Lady Snape
10/19/2011 c6 I am Lady Snape
Hey another great chapter. Have you written stories and postured them elsewhere? I love your fight between Sirius and Bellatrix. Looking forward to reading your next chapter.

Love Lady Snape
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