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3h c68 1Jaeolian
heh heh, i 100%d VVVVVV yesterday and only noticed the reference here now to "Predetermined fate"... not sure if that was intentional but it made me crack a grin as it's my favourite track
9h c117 3Pokealec1963
After everything that’s happened and following the story for so long, I feel like I need a refresher on everything that’s happened and what I need to know (in order to theorize), but I don’t want to have to go read the whole thing again! XD it’s so good but it’s so long! XD
7/1 c114 Aggronknight
I'm very happy that Marrow is still kinda alive as Alolan Marowak
6/29 c117 Guest
Oooh what does scarlet have up her sleeve?
6/24 c116 Guest
I have no idea how your writing has made me ready again...wonderful chapter as always
6/22 c116 Mal
Oh, poor, poor sweet Ray. The end made my nose tingle, you know, the burn just before you start to cry, and then it turned into choppy laughter. I love this fic so much.

Thanks so much for writing and sharing
6/22 c116 1khirokorok
Leo's got a good head on his shoulders and a heart of gold. A natural leader it seems.

It seems like the whole world's against Ray, poor dude. So much bullshit bringing him down from every angle. But at the end of the day, he's still got his homies and a legacy to pass on. He's a favorite and I'd be devastated to see him gone. Best of luck, king.
6/17 c115 Mal
This is such an interesting section of the story. I'm enjoying the awesome little outsiders POVS. So fun.
6/17 c114 Mal
Darn it, I'm tearing up again. This chapter was beautiful.
6/15 c115 ShineyLeafeon
Excited to read more focus on Ray as there hasn’t been much for a while. I love electric types so this next chapter should be interesting! Wonder what Ray is sad about? I probably should know but forgot.
6/15 c115 Lunasca
How I missed these updates I don’t know but it has given me several days of delight in getting to re read Char and Saura’s journey from the very beginning again.

Leo oh Leo how I absolutely adore you, you little feisty sparky ball of life. I can’t wait to see him on this mission with Ray and Gemstone, can’t wait to see him grow more and I really hope something terrible doesn’t end up befalling this little crew. I have this dreaded feeling that Ray and the group are going too wind up smack dab in some sort of chaos they aren’t quite prepared for
6/15 c115 Guest
I love how these chapters are not just side stories helping us learn about the teammates of team Ember but they also show what the main cast is up to, making plot progress every chapter! Great writing as always author
6/10 c114 4Neirdae
I love how I always get a smile when I'm reading SR.
6/10 c114 Guest
I SWEAR. Your chapters always make me tear up one way, I can’t help but care for these characters one by one. Hecking amazing author, I applaud you
6/9 c114 1LKWayvern
I am. Genuinely and deeply surprised that I remembered my password so I could leave this review.

Anyways. Ahoy. Been following Silver Resistance since at least 2013, but at some point I began drifting away from the Pokemon games and fandom, and the last chapter I actually remembered reading for a while was the Discontinued special episode. Then, a few weeks ago, I accidentally spoiled myself on the PMDSR tv tropes page, realized there was still an active community of readers who loved the story enough to keep it decently up-to-date, and decided to read the entirety of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance.

I am amazed that you've managed to keep this story updating for over ten years. Not just that you've continued updating, but also that the whole story is just. Really coherent. Both in plot and character arcs. Char needs to struggle between his cowardice and his ego, eventually mastering both his ember and the Call, while Saura likewise teeters between his safety and his family's safety, before taking their safety in his own vines, and helping them all join the Resistance, thus taking his curse into his own vines too. Otto struggles to balance his logical mind with his emotions, and even after realizing he should trust his instincts, does not understand how to do so perfectly the first time, and then struggles with shame and failure.

And also, it's kind of a very different experience, knowing where everything's going already, kinda, and seeing all the foreshadowing laid out. That's why I've never really hated being spoiled. It gave me a new appreciatiation for Scythe's character in and after the Temporal Tower Arc, and it sent chills up my spine when the Fall of Basin Canyon occurred, because I knew something would go wrong and Marrow would die, and that added a lot to the sense of wrongness Char described. So even as you began foreshadowing the tragedy in story, I just kept thinking 'this is it, Marrow WANTED his memories erased to stop things from going wrong, but ironically, his actions created paranoia and HE'S going to be the reason it goes wrong, he's gonna attack Scythe/Domo mid-fight or something, it'll be a tragedy of the Gold Division's own making...'

Then it turns out that no. Cepheus had a completely different plan to infiltrate and take over the Chasm.

Also Cepheus. Holy crap, I actually really really love his character? Not only was his plan genius, the way he pulled it off was so charismatic, just. Appearing within the teams, projecting such confidence that he was willing to give them a two minute head start. He really lived up to all the hype. I also LOVE that he's a king, and takes the responsibility for his people's safety so seriously. It would've been easy to make him a bloodthirsty brute with no redeeming qualities at all, but I have an immense soft spot for villains who feel genuine, real love for another... and that love does absolutely nothing to redeem them and make them better people. Or even actively makes them more corrupted. I also love the kinda foil between Cepheus and Coronus in the Discontinued chapters- Cepheus is an antagonist and a bad father who serves Enigma, but he is still a responsible and terrifyingly efficient leader. Coronus is a hero who serves Amadeus, but he's selifish and irresponsible and even as a good Redeemer, I doubt he'd ever make a good King.

It's also so amazing to see Team Ember grow, in so many ways. I've been reading and writing fandom stories for nearly ten years now, I think. A lot of them tend to stick to specific patterns. Pokemon trainer stories need starter, badges, rival, evil team. Undertale AUs tend to hit the same areas as the normal Underground, in generally the same order. And that's not a very bad thing, it can serve the same purpose as the scaffolding that vines grow off of. But it positively surprises me that Char and Saura and Otto evolve, that Saura takes time off from the team, that Char begins recruiting a bunch of newbies... you've grown immensely as an author, and now you're ready to break away from the scaffolding.

...Also I dunno how to segue into this. But Daemon is my favorite character. I love him so much. I love how he respects and trusts Scythe, but is unafraid to challenge him, test him, call out his mistakes. I love how he tells Team Ember his will support them, but they still need to earn his trust, and that he's mature enough to to differentiate the two. I love that he was capable of running Team Remorse so well on his own that Scythe didn't need to be there at all, and he could leave Domo there instead. I especially loved Daemon's recent talk about his evolution. How he didn't want the world to change him, and resisted so hard, but it did anyways, but Scythe still respects him. I love him. I hope he remains in the story for a good while.

I also love how ambiguous it is, just what Amadeus did and didn't plan for. I sometimes feel like there must've been an easier way to do this, but Char figuring out things like, how to control the Call, and who captured Dialga and Palkia, I think they show that, even if Amadeus' original plan is horribly off-track, he is still the fertile ground from which Amadeus grew, if that makes sense. He is becoming someone else through his own experiences. But those experiences also mean he is catching up to Amadeus, becoming just as wise and clever. If that makes sense? Yeah.

At any rate. Amazing to see you've kept going this far. A bit inspiring, since I've just embarked on my own completely original story, which is going to be a very very long one. I hope to one day see you update the final chapter, and then a few years later reread this story from the beginning all over again, and find it continues to hold up, because I have a feeling it will.

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