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10/17/2012 c8 jaezyra-chan
9/27/2012 c8 1PutPutJunior
Ah i love this story so much, Naruto and Gaara make a great couple, they are so lovy dovy in this and the lemons make for a great read i hope it will continue
9/22/2012 c8 TigrezzTail
Evil, evil cliffhangers!
7/26/2012 c1 Guest
You type like a nub. The hell did I just read?
6/25/2012 c8 13Trafalgar's Pet
Pony:ima gonna kill whoeva it was responceable 4 dish mutiny mother fuckin shittful bitch n ima gonna make shur they paaaaaaaay…*hissing wit snake lik fork tounge out… also wit scorched black skulls wit glowing crimson bloody red eyes flouting all round her* grrr I WUUUV UR STORY! so iz it true that u R gonna lik remake it? plz do lik, PM watashi PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ? I LOOOOV UUUUU! 3
6/23/2012 c1 2SconesAndPasta
awesome and hot story. it was really good! VIRTUAL COOKIE :3
6/12/2012 c8 FoxyDJ
Oh please write more of this story it fantastic and the mpreg I haven't read one in while so from me u got 5 stars, I love how Garra's so fatherly and Naruto being so hormonal on the 3 brothers that tried I say tried to attack him not good idea on them to attack him while his pregnant nah! I love how he transformed to scary bums to death hehehe. And the fox sound so wicked I'd want one 8D lol (heheh so classic but AWESOME hormonal mood swings) *thumbs up* keep up the Great story!

(I detest the stupid person that reported yr story, what fool they are I have read more mature stories on here,blah they're just jealous of you because they don't have talent like you do at write story and they don't like it, keep yr chin up!)(But anyway, bring on the summer hols 8D) (This must sound so weird coming from a total stranger but that how I feel about people like them ) w

Update soon! I'll be patiently waiting for this story to be on the roll press! but take your time ;D hhehe(yahoo inbox lol)
2/18/2012 c7 TechnoAngelprincess
wow I cant see what happen next but you say his hair is long as a girl why is that?
1/31/2012 c7 dracathedragon
Awsome I love this :3 plz make more
1/31/2012 c7 dracathedragon
Awsome I love this :3 plz make more
1/3/2012 c7 Lilypad1820
Kyaaaahahaha! Chapter four... I was in hysterics. I feel so bad for them... Haha  I know what it feels like to be stuck someplace while family and/friends have sex *shivers* not pleasant... Hahahaha I love it they are so scarred for life now. Whenever I'm in a pissy mood ill just read chap4 and lose it completely. Thanks for this awesome FF and can't wait to read more... Pfftt.
12/31/2011 c7 TigrezzTail
Nice to see him still able to defend himself (so many other stories where someone is pregnant, always has them weak and helpless, unable to use their chakra or anything).
6/16/2011 c1 6TheHyperLlamaWithPocky
the first time i read this, i actually got a NOSEBLEED. a NOSEBLEED!

So hot...so much hotness to handle. lol.thought i should leave an offical review. I love this story. you knows thats. lol.


i didnt mean to put those sguiggly lines but i dont feel like going back to delete them. so cha!

bye nows, i got to go. D
5/8/2011 c1 3jackfrostsplushrump
position 69 :


7/29/2010 c6 Weaver of the Words
I love this story, Naruto and Gaara are too cute. I hope you don't plan on stopping with this incomplete story. I would also like to suggest that there is a conflict of how they want the baby to look like each other, and Gaara is some what upset about Naruto thinking a little Gaara would be cute. Also, that Sasuke let's go of his feelings for Naruto. Also no matter how good your spellcheck on your computer is does mean it can still miss something. So after the spellcheck program, you should step back from your story for a bit, and then check it yourself for errors. I anticipate your next chapter.
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