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4/24 c2 Guest
Kyuubi’s name is kurama. He isn’t a youkai. He is a bijuu. There is a huge difference. All of kyuu(nine) bijuu are pieces of the juubi which otsutsuki hagoromo rikudo senin split to stop the juubi rampage
11/26/2018 c4 4Monster King
Shame you stopped writing the story
9/15/2015 c4 2Marmot95
Hey I know you wrote us to be patient... And I just found this story, but are you going to continue the story? It would be a pity since it got some nice ideas...
Just saying...
See ya
6/22/2011 c4 5IgNoRaNcExIsXbLlsS-TaIlS09
you know i think you should use mozilla firefox instead of internet explorer. it works for me since i use it more. but you should do what you feel and i hope you update soon since this is a good story.
3/20/2010 c4 12Crystalzap
I hope your computer problems are fixed soon I'll be waiting for an update :) Ja
10/28/2009 c1 5Alicia of the Temptation
Urm, I'm not trying to be rude or something, but...uh, It kinda sucks. I mean, you went through this so freaking fast. You never, fully and vividly, explained Naruto's nightmare. Which is the point of something like this, you were suppose to show a full explanation of Sasuke with Madara and at least, try to explain more of the beginning fight.
2/10/2009 c4 Envis E. Bill
2/10/2009 c3 Envis E. Bill
1/30/2009 c4 gaul1
1/26/2009 c4 Gravity The Wizard
Bummer I greatly look forward to your return one day.
12/8/2008 c3 redsox20
great story so far
12/8/2008 c3 7AsalieDWrite
That was worth the wait. Monthly updates sound good. Give you enough time.

Love the fight scene although I would expect Kakshi to be a little suspisous after the Rasengan and Chidori alterations.


rally like this
12/7/2008 c3 Gravity The Wizard
Nice Update! I wonder how different things will go with time traveling duo in the pitcure.
12/7/2008 c1 4the DragonBard
Slow down the story and develop it more. It's reading like a child on a sugar rush.
12/7/2008 c1 just stop
Terrible, another worthless naruhina. Put this crap in the romance section if you are going to waste time with her.
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