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7/7/2008 c2 Gravity The Wizard
Cool Update! As a suggestion you may want to make the story pairing Naruto Hinata or Naruto rather then it is currently Naruto Sasuke it may give potential readers the wrong idea. As for the first part of the Chunnin Exam I wouldn't mind seeing Naruto use multiple clones. Awesome story I hope you decide to continue it it will be interesting to see if you keep the same gennin cells as the orignal.
6/5/2008 c1 Dodingdaga
Good Story.

For the choice Hmm,.. I want something that is NOT like what happened in the anime.
6/4/2008 c1 Gravity The Wizard
Interesting story!
6/4/2008 c1 daimyosam2
i say cheat using kage bushin
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