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for Lily's Son

11/23 c2 1K1P1
enjoying this story! I would like to read more
11/15 c2 6starlite22
Interesting start, can’t wait for Hermiones arrival.
11/14 c2 2wsbenge
Could be interesting. Thanks.
11/13 c2 B00kworm86
I hope you finish the story I liked what there so far but if you don’t continue story it just left at a cliffhanger and we have to guess what happens.
11/7 c2 24Creative Heart 1997
I think I may have read this around 2010 but I’m not sure it seems vaguely familiar and I was following you so there’s a good chance. It’s been long enough it might as well be new! It’s really good! Looking forward to the next chapter!
11/6 c2 730Radiant Arabian Nights
~Love this story~
~~Please write more soon:)~~
But take your time it's ok!
~~~This is great:)~~~
Keep up the good work!
~~~~Really Well Written~~~~
Looking forward to reading more when you can:)!
~~~~~Your doing Great...Amazing...Really Well Done!~~~~~
Fantastic Job!:):)
~~~~~~Can't wait for the next update!~~~~~~
Fabulous Writing!
11/6 c1 Radiant Arabian Nights
Love it!
Great Work:)!
11/6 c2 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
11/5 c2 IloveHeat
Definitely continue this please. I don’t remember the old version but I’m enjoying this one. Thanks
11/5 c1 SunflowerLover211
I loved the original and I really hope this version gets finished, I love this idea of this story and its former plotline so I have high hopes for this
11/5 c2 AnnahD
New story for me. Looking forward to it
11/3 c2 WrenHp
The original was before I got into HP so I’m looking forward to reading more of this story.
I love this story. I love that petunia is nicer to Harry and helping him . He is going to be a slytherin boy for sure
11/2 c2 Sele Kiev
New story for me! and I'm already loving it so much, can't wait for the next chapter.
11/2 c2 Arkenstone007
Cool. Been 12 years since i added this to follow back in jan 2010. Just wish some of the other abandoned stories get picked back up.
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