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for Lily's Son

10/18 c2 Fenaklu
New story for meI love it when people don’t just slavishly follow the books, the fact that this is a rewrite makes me hope you’ll be posting more chapters soon *fingers crossed*.
I am a little confused by Draco Malloy’s comment as it didn’t seem to apply to Harry at allwas Ron in the shop too?
9/30 c2 6Meem 2011
More.. Please
9/7 c2 scoutsout141
please update great story
8/17 c2 Natalia Barrow
I can't wait for your next update, this is so good. This is a new story for me, but I am definitely enjoying this very much!
7/26 c2 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
7/21 c2 Dagondawn
Grumble went to reread this story and discovered that you had removed all but two of the other chapters! Please add them back on, after you have done what ever caused you to remove them! I really enjoyed reading it, so yes I’m rather annoyed that they are gone.
6/10 c2 HoneyBear84
Love it so far and seriously hope you will start updating it again someday soon
4/25 c2 itisjosie
what a great start of another of your stores. please update soon, love your work!
4/21 c2 Carenwl
Please continue! This is such a brilliant idea!
4/20 c1 7Tq3942
Update soon please
4/14 c1 lellyweird
Amazing! I would love to see this continued
3/30 c2 nightpurr1
I am so glad to see you bring this story back to life. I hope you find the time. to continue with it.
Thanks for the entertainment.
3/28 c2 Xonnec456
Please continue the history is incredible
2/17 c1 Millie072
Started to read the reviews after reading & reviewing the 2nd chapter. Wow! 3000 reviews on two chapters. Anyone wanting to read something new could check the numbers and start on an excellent story. 10,000 favs & follows. Incredible stats with so little story posted.
2/17 c2 Millie072
When the October update appeared, it seemed as though you were returning to this story. Please update again. This is an intriguing beginning and different from the usual Weasley meet Harry start. This Harry appears to have some smarts, and not be so naive. Maybe we won't have the Hermione bit again? It would be great to see Neville take a primary role in the friendship.
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