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for Mulder and Doggett-Will They Ever Stop Arguing?

5/25/2002 c1 horseluva222
very funny. They could make an episode on Mulder and Doggett fighting! That would be so funny! Great story!
4/11/2002 c1 Mijozi
*mweheheheheh*...I like them fighting better...much more humorous. AHAHAHA!
3/16/2002 c1 4Poison Ivy1
ROTFLMAO! I loved it! Too bad the show's never that entertaining lol!
10/19/2001 c1 blah
/you gotta continue\ it's so funny /
10/10/2001 c1 9Plato's Tragedy
That was funny...too bad the real arugments weren't that funny. I can totally picture them doing stuff like that too! Good job
10/10/2001 c1 AgentLily
lol thats awesome!
10/10/2001 c1 Iara
10/10/2001 c1 meg
that was much more exciting than having them b friends! lol, that was hilarious! gr8 job! *chanting* GO MULDER GO MULDER GO MULDER GO MULDER GO MULDER GO MULDER

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