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11/24/2010 c32 12Rogue238
Aww... I wish you'd update this one. It's really interesting. I know life gets in the way of writing so much, doesn't it? Well, I'll add it to my alert and hope you find some time!
6/23/2010 c1 37DarkPhoenixForce
Hahaha, Wanda as Jane? Wolverine as the unconcerned Mr. Bennet? This certainly promises to be interesting.
12/11/2009 c32 5AForgottenFairy
YAY! u updated! and i totally understand all of ur reasons! :D

and poor Tabby!


12/10/2009 c32 Allleila
But atleast you updated and what an update it was. Can't wait to read how you develop the story.
10/25/2009 c1 Allleila
Hahaha I love this story so much I'm forever Rereading it. Please update it soon.
10/19/2009 c31 AForgottenFairy
this is pretty good, but more Romy pretty please. wat can i say? im an addict. but it just seems like there's not a lot of interaction between Remy and Rogue when they arent filming, which is when it actually matters. plus it makes me sad to think that Remy's all upset thinking that Rogue hates him, when she's actually more than willing to give him a chance. so please i dont know, consider it. and please update soon.


8/2/2009 c31 Allleila
I love Pride and Predjuice. I like how you have combined the classic book idea with the x men evolution verse. It so works. I must admit thought my favourite bits are the ones between acting sceens. I can't wait for the next chapter.
1/3/2009 c30 18Wanda W
I really liked this one a lot. It is definitely one of the chapters I like best so far. This is more personal and gives us the fun of peeking in on the scheming going on in the machinations to bring Remy and Rogue together. For some to be turning the tables on mathcmaker Jetz just makes it more fun, too.

Good job!

1/3/2009 c29 Wanda W
It was all very nice, but my favorite was definitely Kitty's thoughts. Those moments had me grinning and wanting to laugh out loud at her. They were well-done in that they were entirely in-character.

1/3/2009 c28 Wanda W
LOL! I think the best part was how funny he was when Remy kept wanting to blame Jetz for his dilemma. I think this is a good chapter with all the personal interactions and the comments about likey reactions from the X-Men should Rogue's feelings come to light.

The three Acolytes sitting in the bar is quite a picture to imagine. Can't you just see it?

1/3/2009 c27 Wanda W
You did a very good job paralleling the scenes from the film and your characters. Their little thoughts were very amusing. I see that I've missed several chapters while RL ran wild on me, so I'm eager to catch up.

10/23/2008 c26 Wanda W
It's fun to watch them each dealing with similar concerns and their friends doing their best to help. They are so alike, whether they admit it or not. Ireally like the sincere affection you've built between them and the hesitance and uncertainty they both have over the whole relationship. Wanda showed a lot of insight in this chapter and Piotr great wisdom.

10/21/2008 c25 Wanda W
I think this is my favorite chapter so far in regards to your writing style. This was extremely well-balanced between the filming and the personal thoughts. It seemed like their thoughts were getting more candid and giving a much deeper look into each character's perspective and motivation. Great, great job!

Your sneak peek at another fic idea was fun and I loved the idea of all of them in the mansion together.

10/21/2008 c25 21Ashley Renee
Your new story seems interesting, I'd more thank likely read it. Good chapter, can't wait to see how things will play out.
10/16/2008 c24 18Wanda W
I really enjoyed seeing Tante's involvement. The idea of them using this as a way to get things rolling with Remy and Rogue was pretty funny and I liked the great explanations of the differet casting decisions as well as the girls discussing their take on the characters and what made them what they are.

Good job!

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