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10/2/2008 c20 18Wanda W
Haha! I loved Rogue's rebuttal to Pietro's line when she arrived at the base. Aw! It is so cute that Wanda was worried about Kitty stealing John. (clapping) Yay! Story time about how Wanda and John got together in the first place. (can you tell I'm reviewing as I read? lol) I loved her list for John and her candid comments about why she found certain aspects appealing.

LOL... wouldn't Logan and Kurt just love being compared to Erik and Pietro?

John cracks me up. So he didn't know about the journal entry when he asked her out, huh? Cool! I like that he just sincerely liked her enough to ask without knowing for sure what would happen. Nice set-up for Rogue potentially making her own comparison chart. That could be funny. :) Remy's got a point about being too afraid to violate Wanda's privacy. His thoughts also made me laugh because I think she could do almost anything and he'd find it added to her charm... he's just that far gone! lol

I think this may be one of my favorite chapters so far.

9/28/2008 c19 Wanda W
This chapter had more of the characters private thoughts, which made it more fun to read. I liked both Logan and Mystique thinking similarly in regards to Rogue and Pietro. As for the review situation... it's something we all deal with. It's disappointing and sometimes frustrating since we're left wondering what they thought of what they read, but that's just the way it is.

I like this story, but especially enjoy those chapters that focus as much or even moreso on the personal thoughts of the characters and those things which take place outside the shooting of the film. I would love to see some of what Remy's sister is thinking and learn what motivated her to coerce their participation and her casting choices. I just keep feeling like there is a lot to that which we haven't learned yet.

I love the moments of jealousy with our main characters and the fact that Wanda and John are secretly involved (Rogue's allusion to that in this chapter was funny). It would be nice to see all of those aspects explored more.

Looking forward to more soon, I hope! :)

9/25/2008 c19 2CarelessNymph
If it makes you feel better, i always get a smile on my face when I see You have updated. I really do love that you have paired Logan and Mystique up, Makes for volatile veiwing
9/11/2008 c16 18Wanda W
This glimpse into our characters 'real' lives was timed really well, I think, giving the story a necessary shot of adrenaline, so to speak. The Acolytes were too funny and I had to laugh at the idea of Bobby with all that stuff not to mention your description of his mother and her feelings on things.

The other girls pouting at not getting their moments of glory was apt and funny. I liked their little ice cream bonding session.

9/11/2008 c16 2CarelessNymph
Threats now, is it? lol. You are doing extremly well. Yes, I do believe that they ( The mutants) would act like that. Many a time new actors have had problems differentiating reality from fiction.
9/11/2008 c16 21Ashley Renee
I like it so far, hope you update soon.
9/11/2008 c15 18Wanda W
Sometimes that garment is referred to as a chemise, sometimes as a shift. You are doing a very good job following the P & P movie plot as well as trying to work in the unique characters and personalities from Evo.

9/3/2008 c14 Wanda W

I think I need some kind of therapy since I knew exactly what Rogue was doing from the first sentence once they were back at the mansion. Wouldn't Remy love knowing this was her reaction after the way he was feeling on the bus?

That was hysterical.

8/31/2008 c13 Wanda W
ROFLOL at Rogue's nauseated thoughts while dealing with Pietro and her many lines regarding him, especially when talking with Wanda in the bedroom. You are mentioning all the best parts of the P & P movie, too. This is the best of both worlds.

8/31/2008 c12 Wanda W
I'm all for getting rid of Bella (well, not in the mafia sense of getting rid of her... I guess). I like the idea of these four actually trying to come up with a decent and workable plan. LOL

8/31/2008 c10 Wanda W
I really enjoyed this break from filming which gave us a legthier blimpse into the daily lives of the characters. I did chuckle a bit at thei mage of the Brotherhood sitting around watching Sailor Moon along with Wanda's reasoning as to the appeal of the show for the guys.

Poor Remy, it seems like it's one step forward, two steps back with the two of them. I like this healthier than typically written relationship between John and Wanda.

Keep up the good work!

8/31/2008 c8 Wanda W
O! It was short, but very juicy. A secret relationship always adds spice to a storyline and I like how accepting they are of one another. The encouragement the three Acolytes share is really nice to see.

8/31/2008 c7 Wanda W
I was cruising around the site for something to read and decided to give this a shot. I admit I'd been avoiding it since most of the parodies I've tried out have been more along the lines of mocking the characters or typical fanfics that people work hard on, but this is refreshingly different from those. Your sincere and genuine humor as shown in the personal thoughts of the characters as they go through the motions of one of the best movies ever, and absolutely my favorite rendering of P & P on film is a breath of fresh air.

I'm enjoying the gentle laughs and pokes of fun very much and am looking forward to getting completely caught up and current. Thanks for bringing this idea to us. :)

8/31/2008 c13 2CarelessNymph
Yay! Another chapter for me! You are sweet. I do love this story line and am enjoying the switch between the characters in the story and the characters in the movie ( if that makes any sense). and lol to matching rogue up with Pietro and Remy... made me laugh.
7/23/2008 c3 11SweetestSymphony
Thanks for the mention :) I'm definitely enjoying the fic so far. Which version of the movie is the dialogue based off of?
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