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2/24 c50 67Sovereign64
Man, that was an action-packed chapter indeed.

A shame we never got to see X, Zero and Setsuna finish Sigma and Ali once and for all, but there's always next time. Also, you kinda deserve to be pushed around by Max, Brad. You did ruin his chance to defeat Kira. Also, nice to see Spider-Man 2099 here, although shouldn't he be watching over the Spider-Verse and that everything in the timeline stays canon? Just kidding. XD

Anyways, the heroes are now onboard Dammerung, ready for another battle against Xiza and his forces. I hope they'll succeed in taking them down this time.

Good chapter.
1/21 c49 Sovereign64
Another exciting chapter. So many fights going on, all while the Death Star is about to blow up Alderaan, I mean, Cardianon. But I guess even if they destroy Cardianon, it wouldn't be a huge loss since the world itself is already nearly devoid of life. Anyways, Xiza, Ridley and Giga Bowser need to be stopped no matter what. I look forward to what happens next.
1/21 c48 Sovereign64
Great chapter. It's about time the Enji Knights deal with Xiza since he has been a driving force for the villains and the Zannacross Empire for a while now. But thanks to Brad's oversized ego once again, the situation for Ben and the Enjis turn for the worse.

And man, I can't wait to see more of Ali Al-Saachez and Setsuna in the next chapter. And will Ben have another shot in fighting Kira? We shall see.
12/26/2023 c47 Sovereign64
It looks like Ezan is now going on a Vegeta path to redeem himself after trying to go to the dark side in the previous chapters. I would love to see his character continue developing as the story goes on.

I really enjoy seeing Ben's mission in trying to find a partner for the ball dance, as well as Aeris showing him how to dance. And I also like the bit of Doug inviting Rita Mordio to dance. And YES. He shoots, he scores! Cloud lands a kiss on Tifa. Mission accomplished. XD

But man, just when I thought I can finally feel happy for Ben and Lacus now that they are dancing together, as well as even receiving a kiss on the lips from her, this mysterious girl Rachel had to make a sudden appearance and make Lacus's night miserable. Even more miserable when the Blue Eyes White Dragon nearly made her Ezan 2.0. But credit where credit's due, Brad shows up and manages to calm Lacus down. Now I see why Lacus needs him so much, but that doesn't excuse his antagonistic behavior towards everyone especially Ben.

And it looks like the villains, including Kira and Sephiroth are now planning their next move. Things really go back to being bad quicker than I thought...

Great chapter!
12/19/2023 c46 Sovereign64
That was a great battle. I'm impressed Ben managed to hold on his own against Sephiroth, and thankfully, Tifa, Vincent, Aeris and the others show up in time to help Ben and Cloud in fighting against the One Winged Angel.

Unfortunately, Sephiroth ultimately escaped and plans to destroy the world. This will not be the last we see of him.

But for now, it's time for the heroes to return home for they deserve a good rest after a long battle.

Great chapter!
12/18/2023 c45 Sovereign64
Ben and the heroes put up a good fight against Marluxia, Zexion, Xaldin, Saix and Vexen. But in the end, the Dark Enji are still able to hold them long enough for the ritual to be complete.

However, I'm not only glad that Ben is able to snap Ezan out of it, but that the eye-patch warrior finally come to his senses and return to the light side after seeing his mother's memento, even able to get the darkness out of his heart.

Unfortunately, that darkness has regained his physical the form of Sephiroth. And seeing how Sephiroth is no pushover and nearly destroyed Cloud's world twice, this fight will be legendary since Kira Myers.

Great chapter!
12/18/2023 c44 Sovereign64
Man, I feel sorry for Ezan for what he went through during his childhood. His father is really an a**, poisoning his wife because she never loved him back and only seeing her as someone who bears his child. Now Ezan finally realized that Ansem was his true father, and that he was just being used as a weapon and a tool by Garma all along. And it doesn't help that Sephiroth is destroying his mental state further.

Now, it looks like Ezan has lost all semblance of sanity and is ready to give Ben and the heroes a hard time.

Great chapter!
11/23/2023 c43 Sovereign64
And so, Brave Vesperia has arrived at Neo Arcadia. I would really like to see them or Ben give some payback to Brad after he insulted some of my favorite Tales characters, but never mind. Some other time.

What's more concerning is Ezan. It looks like he is becoming darker and colder by the minute thanks to Sephiroth still using him as his vessel. And now, he is jealous of Ben Auro and wants nothing more but to prove he is better than him in every way. I can tell things are about to get worse though as Ezan is now heading off to uncover the secrets of his ancestral clan, the Uchiha Clan...

Also, I had to search online if Namine Uchiha was a real character in Naruto, but she's not. XD

Great chapter.
10/31/2023 c42 Sovereign64
Man, Gannon sure was tough. But thank goodness for Zelda with her quick thinking. Thanks to her, our heroes are able to defeat Gannon at long last. But as he says before disappearing, this is not the last of the Zannacross Empire.

Awesome! As a fan of Tales of Vesperia, I'm happy to see the entire Brave Vesperia joining the Enji knights, including Yuri! I thought I was going to be disappointed that Yuri is going to stay behind, but luckily Ben reminded him that he will still be viewed as a criminal and has to face the consequences for his actions if he stays behind. So guess the guy doesn't have a choice now, does he?

Great chapter. I wonder what our villains are up to next.
10/11/2023 c41 Sovereign64
Well, that was an intense chapter. Ganondorf truly is more powerful than Ben and his friends thought. He really is not the archenemy of Link for nothing.

I'm glad Brave Vesperia (and others) was able to defeat Zagi and Twinrova. Like Judith said, no one can understand Zagi. Even me.

But now, Ganondorf has turned into the ferocious Ganon, and nothing can hold him back anymore. It's time for the final phase of the fight between Ben and his allies and Ganon, and it's going to be explosive.

Great chapter, and congratulations in reaching 100 chapters. :)
10/11/2023 c40 Sovereign64
Poor Duke. It's sad that he died, but at least his sacrifice was not in vain.

Anyways, the battle against Ganondorf sure is tough, and unfortunately, he kidnapped Zelda as well. Now it looks like Ganondorf is at the final phase of his plan. Hopefully Ben and the others can stop him, especially after they were able to defeat Veran, Vaati and Onox.

Great chapter.
9/21/2023 c39 Sovereign64
That was an intense battle between Duke and the heroes. But I knew Yuri Lowell would be able to defeat him. What I didn't predict however is that despite all of them, including Duke who now has a change of heart, using all their blastia against the Adephagos, it still wasn't enough, and Ganondorf has shown himself to Ben and the others! Looks like another intense battle awaits for them.

Great chapter!
9/20/2023 c38 Sovereign64
Great chapter. Ben got to know more about Yuri and it's nice to see them working together a lot more in this chapter. That was a tragic end for Yeager, and I'm not sure if we would ever see Gauche and Droite again to avenge their master's death.

Anyways, that was also a tense battle between Alexei and the heroes. But as predicted, they managed to defeat Alexei, although he still manage to free the Adephagos. Poor foolish Alexei. His hunger for the power of Zaude end up causing him to start the destruction of Terca Lumireis instead.

And it looks like Duke is more outraged and vengeful than he was in Tales of Vesperia after witnessing the Adephagos being unsealed. And since he was a pretty powerful boss in the actual game, I can't imagine how much more OP he will be by teaming up with Ganondorf. O_O

Great job on this chapter!
9/3/2023 c37 Sovereign64
Very nice chapter. Schwann is defeated, but thankfully, he's back to being Raven and being an ally to the heroes once more. Flynn finally realized he was wrong about Alexei, and I'm glad they are able to stop Heracles.

Also, a very nice alternate version of the fight with Estelle, by including Agahnim into the fight, and having the Dark Matter to make Estelle twice as dangerous as she was in the original game. But thanks to the combined efforts of Brave Vesperia and the Enji, the Dark Matter is defeated, and so is Agahnim. Would be nice to see Yuri taking about the memento to make Estelle regain some of her memories during the fight, but oh well.

Great chapter. Now, it's time to deal with Alexei.
8/17/2023 c36 Sovereign64
Pretty sneaky of Raven to give Majora as a gift to Ben and the other heroes. But that was a really exciting fight between them and Yuri. And nice to see Yuri delivering the final blow to him. :D

Also, Alexei finally shows his true colors to Ben and the others, and he has captured Estelle as well! I hope they can stop him and rescue the princess.

But first, they have to fight against Captain Schwann, who turns out to be really Raven! This will be quite a dilemma as the other members of Brave Vesperia are forced to fight against someone whom they thought is their friend.

Great chapter.
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