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3/24/2013 c1 M
I Looooooooooooooove this story
3/19/2013 c1 Cat person
GOOD. I liked this, especially how cocky sonic is. So different... But it's a great story.
3/19/2013 c1 Hahaha
OMG! OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. it was okay -.- jk! It was awesome!:D
3/19/2013 c1 A person
this was really good, some stories i abandon because all that happens in them are break-ups and make-ups over and OVER again, but you got this perfect. Thanks :)
3/18/2013 c6 Guest
Did we beat it oh wait we probably did cuz THIS IS JUST THE MOST EPIC THING I'VE READ GEREMMER IS GOOD BETTER THSN SENTENSE XD I was just messing around with the caps although still pretty good
3/13/2013 c9 Guest
I know something that sounds creepier if you know tails doll than you know this. Can you feel the sunshine. Or. Want to play with me. For those who didn't know tails doll is a murderous doll form of tails.
3/13/2013 c7 Guest
Sorry man, but I have to say, not you're best yet on this chapter, ugh who am I kidding, I kept thinking this throughout the chapter, subjugate so sad.
3/10/2013 c27 Guest
Thank you for writing this! It is, hand down, one of the best sonic fanfics i have ever read, no contest! Thank you so much! I love every word!
3/10/2013 c23 Guest
OK ,now I'm in tears.
3/9/2013 c15 Guest
wo. That WAS even more dramatic than the last chapter. Count me impressed.
3/9/2013 c14 Guest
Seriously? A chapter more dramatic than THIS? DANG!
3/9/2013 c28 Guest
THIS IS THE BEST STORY I HAVE EVER READ.U should get this into a movie u could make alot of u are soooooooooo smart.
3/8/2013 c13 Guest
You should have Amy fall off more things P
3/8/2013 c3 Guest
I like the idea of Jet x Amy simply because it has never been done before.
3/3/2013 c3 Guest
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