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7/22/2011 c21 5robstar.winchester
Poor Amy! she realized what she dud but sonic won't give her the time of day to listen.

Amazing chapter if I do say do myself:D
7/22/2011 c20 robstar.winchester
-wipes tears- damnit Amy. why? why did you feel you needed to compet against fiona ? he loved you and you were insecure about yourself. DAMN!

intenseful chapter:)
7/22/2011 c19 robstar.winchester
oh Amy this be attitude is going to bring you down. yor going to regret it !

great chapter:D
7/22/2011 c18 robstar.winchester
Fiona needs to step off, she's a lying slutty bitch that doesn't desever sonic attention at ALL. He is in love with Amy and nothing could change that.

Love the story;)
7/22/2011 c17 robstar.winchester
Go Amy! beat Fiona at her own game!
7/22/2011 c16 robstar.winchester
7/21/2011 c1 Derpy Anon
If Amy's family has so little money that she has to make her own clothes, why did she used to go to a private school?
7/21/2011 c1 13Ownage Imminent
I al getting very tired of all this sonamy hype. Sonsal or sonaze are much better pairings in my opinion. Sonic and Amy just don't seem to go well together no matter what the circumstances.
7/21/2011 c14 5robstar.winchester
i still think sonic could have taken them down with no problem at all! lol

poor sonic :(

great story!
7/21/2011 c13 robstar.winchester
I loved how cream called Sally a bitch! I was screaming " way to go cream!"

loved this chapter! I cant believe sonics afraid to be in love. it's understandable but I fear he's going to do something horrible again.
7/21/2011 c11 robstar.winchester
AWH! what a perfect moment! I wish that happened to me( without the whole cheats lying boyfriendXD)

great story so far! I'm loving every bit if it!
7/21/2011 c10 robstar.winchester
sonic was to late:( darn if he wasn't such a player none of this would be happening! and Amy? how dare she kiss jet! he useing her, it's so noticeable.

great chapter

loven the story 3
7/21/2011 c9 robstar.winchester
damn sonic, he screwed things up


ugh what a player!
7/21/2011 c8 robstar.winchester
excited to read the next chapter! this is so addicting ! XD
7/21/2011 c7 robstar.winchester
Bravo yes:) Sonic screws up for sure
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