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1/8/2011 c23 mucho
i must have MOREEE!please
1/8/2011 c23 Amara the hedgehog
I am thinking that sonic and amy are going to get back together. I think this chapter is the most awaited amongst me! Well this chapter was awesome! Hope the next one is published faster!
1/7/2011 c23 5XBlazingVampire5X
Thank you for updating again! I love this story, the plot is fab and the feelings worked in are amazing to read. You can reli connect with the characters and its so realistic. I'm glad that you made them start to make up again as I like it when they get along, its sweet. But I also think there has to be balance so the fact that they were arguing was good too.

Finally, please update soon!

P.S. Cool, a panda hat!
1/6/2011 c23 Allonsy-46321-Ariba
Ahh you made me cry this story is so good couldn't stop reading from the first chapter please hurry and put another chapter on!
1/6/2011 c1 Golden Diamond
Hiya! I finally got an account! Hoorah! I WAS Silver Rose before but now I am the a Golden Diamond! Anyway that's not why I'm writting this. I am writting it to praise you on how well you potrayed this story! I mean it has grown ever since I started to first read it wich was back in December of 2009. Dang that's a long time! Anyway continuing with the praise of your story, it is terrific! It is more like amazing! I try do think this story is one of the best ones out there! Seriously, 545 reviews now 546 including mine and there will surely be an increase in it because I am positive others will discover this thrilling story and fall in love with it just as I did when I first read it! Now that it would matter but this was the very first story I read on fanfiction, as a matter of fact this story lead me toward the discovery of this website! And I am seriously glad this was the first story I ever read on fanfiction! (X It's proably one of the best to begin with in the Sonamy category! (: However the sad thing is once you've read a story as good as yours the rest seem to you know they seem just a tad less fascinating I mean sure I loved all the other stories I've read, I actually love them but none seem to meet up eye to eye with your story! I mean seriouy think about it great storyline and great characters I mean gosh the "Player" storyline and in Sonic version just as another fellow reviewer had said, that's just WOW ! Now about the story itself... OH MY GOSH! I've read up to chapter 23 and am hoping for a soon to come update and like OMG! Amy and Sonic broke up? What a tragedy! There were so great together! So happy! And Amy had really changed him for the better! Oh why such depression! )'3 T^T But however why in the world did Amy have to say such a lie and why did she have to become all all... ,hate to use the word but I can't think of a better word, all SLUTTY and seductive instead of keeping her pure, innocent, self! I like that Amy better ),: I mean she was perfect! Just look back in the story and read how Sonic described her in previos will in this cas future chapters smart, sexy, sweet, funny, fun and most of all beautiful! And I just love the part when he calls her his angel it reminds me of the song Angel I believe b Shaggy oh gosh I am totally in love with that song and the music video is even awesomer! *Sigh* I hope I get a boyfriend like Sonic one day just not including the ' player' part. (3 But you know what I don't Sonic should get so worked up about this mistake that Amy comitted cuz he himself has had his shares of mistakes and Amy or as I like to call her Ames, such a cute nicknameXD, has sincerely and humbly forgave him! C'mon Sonic! Gosh Anime I hope you make him realize that in future chapters after 23!/: And I really wish Amy hadn't haver swooped down to Fiona's level, Ames your better than that! Anywho I really should wrap this review I mean loom at this review it's extremely, far too long! 0-0 I mean seriously! Please forgive me fellow reviewers (; Well farawel Anime I hope to hear from you soon! In other words I hope you update soon! Buh bye!

P.S. How exactly do I see the your trailer? 0.0

P.S.S I was reading your profile and OMG! You love all those hopeless romantic 80's movies? NO WAY! I just got into them 'bout 2 years ago! Oh gosh! YAY! Another fellow 80's movie lover! Have you seen Secret Admirer? That is my personal fav! And of course next is one of your favs: Some Kind of Wonderful! Anywho, and I used to absolutely love the Code Lyoko! I think you wrote a story about them no? (: Anyway, GTG!
1/5/2011 c23 why should you know
So far i've read every chapter from top to bottom

this is the best sonic fanfic in the history of fanfictions

Awsome job:)
1/4/2011 c23 sonamy123
1/3/2011 c23 BlUe
thatz really cutee...i luvv how at the endd,sonic came backk 2 amy i hopee they get back 2gethr
1/1/2011 c23 9RaeRaethehedgehog
Poor Amy :( I feel really bad for her. Sonic should hurry up and realize he wants her back! And as for Fiona...Stupid slut. There. Now I have nothing left to say.
1/1/2011 c22 Animefreak
OMG! You make THE best sonic storys ive ever rread!
1/1/2011 c23 mindy
i love your story so much,i want sonic and amy to end up together,but let sonic start th drama ;)
1/1/2011 c23 5Lindivesia
nice stories..after your done il be pretty sad(i dont like endings to stories...cuz i always wanna know what happens next)because these stories are good! i cant wait til the next chapter! my minds destroying itself trying to think what's gonna happen next! keep writing!
1/1/2011 c23 sonamyfan95
this can't be the end please write more and make them a couple you re storys are awesome
12/31/2010 c23 PurpleBerserker
and we love you too anime except for a very small few hmmmm im watching them _ oh well this story is absolutely amazing i love the amy sonic relationship going around PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make them a couple again
12/31/2010 c23 Nsm
The end was soo sad i was crying *wipes tears* good story, such a good story...*blows nose*
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