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5/6/2014 c10 winter
Hahahahahaha I don't hate sonic but be kinda deserved that ,sorry.
5/6/2014 c9 winter
That's what you get for drinking
4/30/2014 c1 aaaaaa
cosmo should be a green plant creature not alien
1/16/2014 c1 Guest
oh only read the first chapter and I see a lot of chekyness blossom about and I see sonic attitude changed much to fit the forms of scourge...alittle OOC but I can deal with it, it makes things more intereating :3 *licks lips suductivly while smirking at the next chapter*
1/5/2014 c27 Kyyurila
:D One of my Favourites :) :)
12/28/2013 c1 Guest
Good story I loved it and in the end I was sad at first but the excited because they got together (sonamy 4 ever!)
12/13/2013 c24 Guest
chuck your a poor excuse of a man, much less being jules brother, much much less being sonics uncle.
12/10/2013 c1 12Christeazy
y r u so awesome. this goes 4 the whole fanfiction. This was so good. I love how u made drama in it as well just like how it could from High School. I am n love with this fanfiction and this is the best one I've read on here. (until I post my fanfic pretty soon) But still u did an amazing job. 4 stars!
11/26/2013 c20 Guest
Doeowfidjeodjsfedeo. ( OH MY GOD!)
11/26/2013 c19 Guest
Er. This slightly scares me, but the show must go on!
11/26/2013 c16 Guest
I'm scared to read the next chapter!
11/26/2013 c10 Guest
Whaaaa! I this story so far is confusing!
11/11/2013 c1 Anonymous
Please write more that was good :)
11/7/2013 c1 Guest
Well it's seddiefan2018 here! Your fanfiction was amazing with all the drama and everything. I write fanfics myself and I hope to post one on here very soon. Otherwise u did a very great job. keep up the good work!
9/27/2013 c27 Sonic128
Wow, that was GREAT! Loved it! One of the best sonamy fanfics I've read in a while :)

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