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6/9/2013 c12 Hi
6/9/2013 c2 Hi
Love it
6/9/2013 c1 Yay
Heh love amys smack talk :)
6/5/2013 c11 BluePeach
Yay customers! Also nice detail! The story flowed great! Love the story!
5/31/2013 c27 bakugannerd52
your story funny sad a a classic in my opion
5/21/2013 c9 Megan
5/18/2013 c20 Elizabeth C
Im loven you story! It like the best story i've read the last couple of years! :D
4/24/2013 c14 BluePeach
Ok I know I reviewed already but I wanted to point out at the last comment you said "how about them apples my first reaction APPLEJACK! Thank you!
4/21/2013 c18 BluePeach
The next chapter better be juciy like a watermelon! ;) YOUR STORIES ARE AMAZING!
4/21/2013 c16 BluePeach
This chapter was soo fluffy I thought it was a bunny. AND I LOVED IT!
4/20/2013 c13 BluePeach
what's next she falls of of? A window?
4/20/2013 c9 BluePeach
I'm curious how strong sonics feelings for Amy to get a peice of common sense while drunk! I'm very impressed!
4/20/2013 c5 BluePeach
I think Sonics protectiveness for Amy is *thinking* DONT RUSH ME! Ummm IT'S CUTE FUNNY AND HILARIOUS! You go girl !
4/20/2013 c1 BluePeach
Hey I'm staring in high school and How Amy reacts to sonic! Awesome! I would high five her!
4/3/2013 c19 Lover12096
Amy went to far this may not end well
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