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for The lonely Sun Princess

1/25/2018 c1 mark
Just a word about Spider-Moon. It does get things about Sailor Moon wrong.
12/18/2010 c4 30Skychild101

9/2/2009 c4 1SilRotter
Hi! This was a nice story! =^.^=

Thank you for the review. I would have pmed you but your PM system is disabled. T_T Yes, Tabby likes Yoru ... she just doesn't now it. Yoru doesn't like her ... yet. Anyway, thanks for the review!

And again, nice story! YEAH! =^.^= Nya!
8/25/2009 c4 Luna Goddess of the Night
this was an interesting fic. i like celest, she just seems lonely, and wants to fit in and make friends. i do hope this gets updated soon

1/10/2009 c1 247Heroine of the Valley
This was a good start.
11/21/2008 c4 5Mika Tenoh
This is really good i can't wait to find out what happens next
7/18/2008 c4 4Rose of the Dawn
Awesome! Plaese continue you are doing a really good job! ^-^
7/1/2008 c4 1benignfacade
A couple more spelling errors that need to be tweaked, but still a good chapter. Keep up the good work!

~Danny Patterson aka "DPatters0n"
6/29/2008 c4 24sangoscourage
Good chapter! Keep going. :D
6/21/2008 c3 1benignfacade
Hey, I thought I would read your fic in return for reading and reviewing mine (thanks so much for it; it means a lot when someone reviews my story!).

So far, you've got a good story going and I like the idea as well, but if you don't mind me pointing out two grammatical errors.

-Quotations are used for dialogue, right? So there's no need to open and close them every sentence. Like for example in the prologue (which I hope you've seen it misspelled in the chapter selection); "But, Mother, what about you?" "I don't want to go anywhere without you." These two sentences should be in one quotations, making it "But Mother, what about you? I don't want to go anywhere without you." You've seem to improve this a little bit in the third chapter (2nd chapter really but that just confuses me) but I just wanted to point this out.

-Spell check can be your absolute best friend when writing a story, so be sure to use it when you don't know how to spell a word. For example, "tong" should be "tounge."

Other than that, I'm loving this story so far. Keep it up!

~Danny Patterson aka "DPatters0n"
6/14/2008 c3 5Khajmer
Odango Atama (see below),

Intriguing fic you got here. You're sound story wise, very good story, but a few things. First off, I shall explain to you the reason for writing Odango Atama as if I were adressing you as that in letter form. One of my major pet peevs is when people use Japanese names for an anime fic, and then have English style terms such as "meatball head." It says to me that you watch the English dub, then looked up the Japanese names and commonly used terms to attract those who completely ignore fics which are based around the English dub (though as one of the latter group, I must say, it's ingenious when done right). Now while this may not have been your intention, you have still been given the title Odango Atama for it, and will be adressed as such. (in case you can't tell I'm really just playing with you, it was probably just an honest force of habit)

Secondly, Minako goes to a different school than Ami Makoto and Usagi. It's just less noticable than with Rei because the uniforms are almost identical. Just pointing it out.

Thirdly and more seriously, on the topic of grammar, you don't have to close quotes at the end of a sentence, and in fact you shouldn't. Example, instead of this: "I am saying something." "Now I am saying something else.", it would properly be "I am saying something. Now I am saying something else."

And finally, keep up the good work. I look forward to more of this.
6/14/2008 c3 Supalady05
I really like the story so far! Keep up the great work! :-)
6/14/2008 c3 24sangoscourage
Good! I think you need to describe what's going on a little better, so people can "see" what's going on.
6/11/2008 c2 4Rose of the Dawn
Really awesome start! Please continue and update soon.^-^
6/11/2008 c2 24sangoscourage
Nice. Hope Celeste has "the gang" for steady friends, and Rei isn't suspicious of her; as she usually is of new people.
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