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2/25/2016 c2 Remus Orion Potter
You know it could have been the Kalimari Desert (in MK64 and MK7) or Sarasaland...
7/6/2015 c3 1Akka777
Aww! I liked Kooper and Bombette! Well, at least Wendy and Lemmy are safe! Hopefully Thriff and Plenn, Wendy and Lemmy, and Lima and Peasley get rid of Bowser and Jr. I want Vivian and Beldam to be eliminated as well. But LOL, Pink's mirror part! XD
7/2/2015 c2 Akka777
I know this was written a while ago, but if you still do this (Which I don't think you do) then please get we're and were right, and your and you're right. But anyway, I'm glad King Boo and Boolossuss were eliminated. I want Lemmy and Wendy to win, the neighbors to come second and the stars third. (I also want the Axem Rangers, Toad Brothers and Pen Pals to do well.) I hope Tundra and Rawk Hawk leave next. I don't like Bowser and Jr, or Lima and Peasley. LOL "You need to get better sisters." XDXDXDXD Another note, this was written so much like the actual amazing race, it was uncanny! However, in The Amazing Race, there's only 11 teams. Sorry for being nit-picky! This was really good!
5/22/2015 c8 Guest
11/23/2013 c15 19grandvizier527
Simply amazing! It inspired me to write an Amazing race fanfic of my own! (It's currently down to 4 teams) And of all the times I've watched the amazing race, only twice did the team I really want to win actually won! And this was one of those times!

I've always had a tendency to root for the underdog teams, or the teams that I know don't have a chance at winning. When I first saw Misstar and Mamar, I didn't dream of them winning this. And when they started surviving legs, I couldn't help but cheer them on. And when it came down to the final 3, I thought, "There's no way they can win this. They don't have the ability! Tundra and Rawk Hawk should win since their finishing average is much higher than theirs! They weren't supposed to have even made it this far!" But when they did finish in first on the final leg, they exceeded my expectations exponentially! Now if I ever play Mario Party 5, I'm going to look at those two and think, "Those 2 little star spirits won the Amazing Race!"
3/26/2013 c15 Dead Turtle
*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Three years and it's all worth it.

Thank you. Thank you for writing this story.
12/27/2012 c8 Dead Turtle
Oh wow, I seriously thought that the Beans are going to be eliminated this leg. Glad I was wrong.
12/27/2012 c7 Dead Turtle
Wow, what a heartwarming chapter! Great job!
12/24/2012 c6 Anonymous
Why? WHy do Bow and Bootler's last words make me cry? Why? This is beautiful!
12/24/2012 c5 Anonymous
sniff... Beautiful...sob... I CAN"T TAKE IT! TT
12/19/2012 c9 Anonymous
MIMIMIMI in season 2! Wow!
7/18/2011 c15 Ice Empoleon
That was a very intense and close race! I’m glad I read this fiction to whole end!

Misstar and Mamar played pretty steady in this whole amazing race, and especially the finale. I think this is why they deserved to win the Amazing Race. At the beginning, they didn’t place very well, being ninth at the first leg, relatively good fifth at the second leg, but almost getting eliminated at the third leg. However, they started to play better and even managed to be first at the sixth leg. From then, they played very well, and didn’t make many bad mistakes. That’s why they managed to win the first Amazing Race!

Rawk Hawk and Tundra, in contrast to Star Spirits, played very well the first three legs. They were even first at the second and third leg! However, they got pretty cocky, and it showed when they got second last at the fourth leg. It has been a very long time from here before they managed to be first at the pit stop… with the help of fast forward. Still, they were a pretty strong team to recognise. That’s why Axem Red took a big gamble, and tried to eliminate them by yielding them. However, at the finale Tundra and Rawk Hawk made a pretty big mistake by choosing the wrong detour and then switching to another detour, which caused them lost a lot of time. That’s why they are second and not first at the finale.

Peasley and Lima were pretty much underdog team to me. I think the alliance might have saved them from getting eliminated early. However, after the alliance got dissembled, they couldn’t rely on that anymore. From there, they slowly started getting stronger and even managed to race well without the alliance. Still, they never got first at any leg, and were saved by the non-elimination leg when they got last. So I didn’t think they could win the Amazing Race … but getting screwed over by possibly the nicest taxi driver ever at the finale? Ouch.

Koopa Village and its surroundings were an odd choice for finale to be taken in my opinion. Still, I think the stress of finale and the calmness of location contrasted pretty well.

Overall, I’m glad to read this fiction. It was very enjoyable and I liked characters develop during the amazing race. Also, congratulations for making and finishing this story. I read that making the Amazing Race fiction is no easy task.
7/18/2011 c14 Ice Empoleon
That was very nerve-cracking! I was feeling anyone could be eliminated during this leg. By the way, I mixed up Sasaraland and Beanbean Kingdom. Sorry!

Seems like is the Toad brothers’ time to go. What a shame, as I was really keen to see them at the finale. Some team had to be eliminated though. At least they bonded with each other and get to race together quite the while as they lived in the separate places.

Now who is going to win the Amazing Race? Is it going to be Tundra and Rawk Hawk, the dominating team who managed to get first at four legs? Is it going to be Misstar and Mamar, the cute team who are not so weak by winning two legs? Or maybe it’s Peasley and Lima, the team who has never been first at any leg, but managed to survive this far.

Personally, I want Rawk Hawk and Tundra to win, but anyone could win the Amazing Race.

Well, my prediction about the teams’ outcome at this leg was somewhat correct. Rawk Hawk and Tundra just came first, and Lima and Peasley got second at this leg.

I’m off to read the final chapter! Let’s see how it goes!
7/17/2011 c13 Ice Empoleon
... Vivian and Beldam are eliminated? ...The best team in my opinion? ...Well I didn’t expect that.

So that was my reaction few weeks ago when I saw them eliminated. I thought for sure they would have the best shot for winning the Amazing Race. After Beldam stopped being a jerk and started acting nicer, they managed to race pretty well, even being first at two pit stops. Shows how the yield can be very deadly in this race. By the way, when I wrote executed, I mean eliminated, not executed (I was thinking about the Mole series). Sorry!

I think the second yield saved Rawk Hawk and Tundra from this yield. Part of the reason why Peasley and Lima didn’t yield them was that they managed to survive the second yield. Plus Peasley and Lima had thirty minute penalty if they didn’t get first.

I think Peasley and Lima will be first one at the pit stop next leg. They have never won a leg so far and the next leg will be at their home Sarasaland. Although they didn’t exactly place very high last time they were at Sarasaland.

I think Star Spirits and Toad Brothers will be battling for the third place the next leg. It has been so long they were in the last two to arrive the pit stop. The star spirits arrived the pit stop second last during the third leg and the Toad Brothers were second last to arrive, unless you count the first half of double-leg. It had been long time since either of them was in danger of elimination though.

Naturally that means I think Rawk Hawk and Tundra will arrive second.

I’m trying to catch up your chapters! Sorry for this review being late.
7/15/2011 c2 Matthew
LOL! SMB3's World 2-Quicksand (the one with the Angry Sun) is back for more!
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