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for Kingdom Hearts 3: Key of Destiny

6/13/2010 c4 zalladane-icefire
update with a readable chappy plz
3/21/2009 c4 6Samantha Rice
I would not be able to answer that for you. I think that you should just do whatever feels right to you.
1/6/2009 c3 5kaliy-moon07
plz continue with this story!
10/26/2008 c4 WhiteTenshi
well its just a suggestion but you could make riku ask how kagome disapeared and how she got back there and maybe even after she explains everthing you could make all of them go onto a new adventure together!

ps i dont see why ur not getting anymore favs or alerst this story rocks!hope you update soon!
10/26/2008 c3 WhiteTenshi
wow riku sora and kagome knew each other how interesting...
10/26/2008 c2 WhiteTenshi
great chappie
10/26/2008 c1 WhiteTenshi
oh my god how could inuyasha say something so hurtful?nice chappie btw
10/2/2008 c3 4Heart of the Oblivion
Please update soon ya? Awsome story ya
7/29/2008 c4 Noble Wielder
i don't know why you aren't getting alerts anymore but it's happened to me as well, i'm not getting alerts anymore for authors or stories

as for ideas i've got nothing
7/8/2008 c3 16Shiori Mayonaka no Yume
cool! please update!
7/8/2008 c3 4Hero Of The Hazard
:O Good story ^^
7/7/2008 c3 manic pixie mary sue
damn, took awhile to update huh? who cares im just glad u did! update asap!
6/13/2008 c2 manic pixie mary sue
this is gonna be a good one i can tell so please continue! ;p
6/11/2008 c1 16Shiori Mayonaka no Yume
what an arse! i hate inu more and more evry day!

update soon!

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