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6/13/2020 c25 kyuki619
oohhff oh, my go! my heart was pumping because the tension of trying to run for their lives! in my head i was like " come on guy! please make it alive! please be safe!" i am so glad eriol is engaged with tomoyo! i love happy endings!
1/14/2016 c25 nqgsa
Love it! Bad thing is,, I actually started reading it a day before my final exam paper T_T and had a very hard time to stop reading it even for a moment.

Keep up the good work :)
4/1/2014 c25 LoirEStar
Oh My! I love the way you write your fanfic! The story was great! Also, if I may add you are really an awesome writer :D .. I hope you will continue to write stories like this.. Good Luck ! And May the luck and odds be forever with you! ;)
8/4/2012 c25 1MimoRei13
such a perfect ending! please keep writing
8/4/2012 c22 MimoRei13
poor tomoyo QAQ ...
8/4/2012 c19 MimoRei13
eriol is so awesome *o* ...he's like a guardian i love ur story /
8/4/2012 c9 MimoRei13
so sweet /
8/4/2012 c3 MimoRei13
eriol is so cool *o* this story is just getting better
8/4/2012 c2 MimoRei13
nice! i really want to know what's actually happening here very interesting!
1/14/2012 c25 Peachs
Pleas emake an epilogue story to this it's a really fasinating story.
8/17/2011 c25 Ouyama Chloe
Hello Shika-san! I've just finished this story, and well! First I wanna say thanks for your hardwork!

Too bad you made Kaho a biyatch, I like the real her... ;) And I really didn't enjoy the part when Eriol 'betrayed' Tomoyo. He should have been smarter, for marrying Kaho would definitely not make Tomoyo happy. I thought the epilogue would be longer, for Tomoyo shouldn't have forgiven Eriol just like that and given him a little more hardship! He deserved that! *lol*

I love Tomoyo and Eriol, really. They look so cute together... Keep your hardwork, Shika-san!
6/27/2011 c5 55The Animanga Girl
Bravo for Shaoran's punch!
6/6/2011 c25 fay208
omg, shika! I never thought you really did consider the epilogue and my review. and I would like to give the gratitude back to you for posting the epilogue. ^_^

So, its all about madness huh? but for those 3 antagonist, it is because of their hard life and what harsh world did to them. adolf, the loyalty. the misstress, the revenge and pain. creepy! imagine killing her 'work' to make others feel pain. but I doubt that derrick ever truly feel sad if tomoyo was killed. rather, he'll feel the loss of a beautiful girl he want to sleep with.

I like the way you made syaoran having a gentle heart(and easily teared up) and still forgive his father. after all, blood is thicker than water. it seems that KingLi loves his wife, but weak to stand up to the elders. well, I hope the new reign will change all that.

tomoyo's condition is psychological, huh? reminded me of X/1999 where Kamui is in comatose-like state.

LOL. its like from dark, gloomy, tragedy-like ending feeling change to shiny, bubbly happy ending. ;P Good work!
6/3/2011 c25 tomoyo-amethyst
Thanks for adding this last chapter . At least everything was discovered by them and its a happy ending :)
6/3/2011 c25 CLAMPsFluffMeisterGirl
KAWAII! I wonder what our dear syaoran will do when he finds out Sakura is pregnant! Really good ending, by the way!
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